I'm sooooo excited!!
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Hey guys!
I've been to Dallas this weekend and today, I was able to go to one of my FAVORITE places.....Central Market!
I don't really have access to what I consider "gourmet" items, so it's always a treat to go to a bigger city and stock up! I just have to share my bounty: LOL

2 fresh figs....I saw a recipe I want to try. I've never had fresh figs.... LOL...Only in Newtons!!!
1 1/2# French fingerling potatoes
1 1/2# Purple fingerling potatoes (never had purple tators!)
.5# Mountain gorgonzola
.5# Beemster w/ mustard
3 1c. containers of different types of olives
1 loaf of olive bread
3 prosciutto & pepper baquettes
1 package of prepared gnocchi....cause I'm afraid to try making it....
3 bags orzo
1 large container of risotto
2 different boxes of couscous...(different flavors) I can only get plain here..(found a wild mushroom & herb)

I consumed a package of shrimp spring rolls and half a bag of dried vegetables on the way out!
I took my sister Adrienne who loves to cook as much as I do..., and my Mom. She's old school, but appreciated the experience.

I love that place and wish it was closer. I usually have to purchase things like that online, so I'm grateful to have gone!

Have a great week everybody!
Loving every moment of my life!!
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Awesome! Thanks Steve!! I would give so much to be closer to great food!! LOL
Loving every moment of my life!!
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Ya know----now I'm REALLY jealous!!! Can't wait until I have that opportunity-----lucky you, Angela!!!! It must be an awesome experience to be surrounded by all of those culiunary wonders!! OOOOOOOO
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Oh Angela, how much fun you must have had!!Anxious to hear how you enjoy all your treasures.

We're on the road ourselves and I've managed to hit three farmer's markets in different towns. What fun!
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I sooooooo want to be able to wander around in a Farmer's Market. They have two fruit/vegetable markets here in the area, but they always have the same old same old and if you pay attention, they get a lot of their stuff from the same place the grocery stores do, then they mark it up and mark it as local.
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We go to the ones in Houston and Austin at least once a month. The produce section alone is bigger than most stores. The only place I think shopping is fun.
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What a fun experience that must have been!

Ok now I'm excited I've been trying to think of things I have never tasted and want to experience and you just gave me some wonderful ideas!

So added to my list is purple potatoes and gnocchi. (heheh I wonder if I can make purple gnocchi with the potatoes)

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