Recipes posted online??
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Hi, is there a way for subscribers to view all published Cuisine recipes online?? I hate having to search through my old issues. IF there is, it would be great. If not, they should really offer this to subscribers! Thanks, Nancy
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NWB, CAH has a MembersPlus forum under Beta testing at this time. It presently is not open to new membership, but will be open within a month or so. It has all the recipes ever published by CAH available, plus other features. They will be charging a small membership fee when it opens.
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Billy, thanks for the information! Will subcribers have to pay the small membership fee also? That seems a little unfair to loyal subscribers. Thanks.
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Yes, subscribers will have to pay also...stinky, I know! I think there might be talk of a discount for subscribers...not sure about that though. It is a great site though.
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I think subscribers should have access to the site gratis. We have already paid our dues--so to speak. Not a big deal BUT----can't wait until I'm able to review the site and participate in your discussions "over there".
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