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Thursday night, I grilled ribeyes, large portobello mushrooms, purple onions, and bell peppers. Leftover steak never makes it very long around here. I did however, buy a rather large package of portobellos with the intention of trying to make a sandwich with the leftover grilled ones.
For the sandwich, I parralled the Roasted Portobello Sandwich with Parmesan Mayonnaise, Iss. 43, Feb. 2004.
I had grilled my portobellos two days earlier, so they didn't really need roasting, rather just reheating which I did while I was toasting my ciabatta rolls. The recipe had called for marinating the mushrooms in a balsamic vinegrette, so after I roasted them, I simply gave them a brush of Paul Newmans Balsamic Vinegrette, just for the enhancement. I fixed the parmesan mayo and served the sandwich with the leftover grilled bell peppers and onions. It was delish!!! I can't wait to make them again!! Here's a picture!!
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YUMMM---my kind of meal!!! Thanks for the idea---
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That looks really good, Angela! I've been meaning to try grilling portobellos for awhile now. I really have to try it soon! Oooh, but I did finally get around to grilling some romaine. I did it Alton Brown style with some grated parmesan, and it was tasty!
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Very nice, Angela! And Steve!
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