Windsor Food Fest - Chapter 3
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Flautas and Margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant!!!!! You can only eat wonderful, inventive, rich, over-the-top foods sooooo long then you must get back to just good food!

Today is the day. Tested my amuse-bouche on the plates our host chef (Florian) wants me to use and it's going to be great!! I'm pleased with each component. And I will definitely post the Huckleberry Ketchup recipe for all of you. We tasted it in the kitchen yesterday and we all decided it would/will be wonderful on any wild fowl or wild game of any sort. It will definitely hold it's own with all kinds of flavors. (It's great on waffles, too!)

Poor Florian's restaurant will be bursting at the seams tonite. The Bistro (Chimney Park Bistro) is very small and elegant. His dining room only seats 50 - he sold 54 reservations and told us last nite he had to add 6-8 more. So folks will be sitting at the bar and in the foyer.

Here's a link to Flo's place:

We also had our 'formal' picture taken for posterity.

O.K., off to the kitchen...finger's crossed for us tonite I hope - will let you know how we do and how many $$$ we raise for the future chefs!!
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"definitely post the Huckleberry Ketchup recipe"


I just know it will be great, Jeanie!!! Knock em dead, and have fun!!

I'm sure wishing I had just bitten the bullett and gone.
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I have to have Mexican (Tex-Mex) at least once a week. It is part of our culture down here. Sounds like you're having a ball.
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I can tell you are having a wonderful time---good on ya girl!!! Went to the link--the venue sounds lovely--what beautiful country you're in!!! And that menu is really interesting!!! All of the dishes are winners!!

GOOD LUCK and have fun!!! Get tons of $$$$!!!!
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