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Ok I had one in my cart was continuing my shopping then put it back. I have a couple more questions.

I was looking at the bags and rolls. Can they be re-used? I freeze so many things, but when I saw the roll of 11" X18' was $10, but a box of 50 ziploc bags is only $3.21 I couldn't justify the expenditure. I know they keep the food a LOT fresher but that one roll will only give me about 20 bags or pouches. That's .50 cents a bag vs .06 cents a bag with the ziplocs.

But I figure if I can say take the steak I cook, put it in the foodsaver bag, reheat it, and then wash the bag and re-use it, it might be worth while. I could turn them inside out and put them on the top shelf of my dishwasher to sanitize them.

Am I putting way too much thought into this?
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I think if you're going to go throught that much trouble, you might just stick with the zips. I do love my foodsaver and I use it a lot. I still use zips for some things, though. I wouldn't go through the trouble of washing the foodsaver bags for reuse. Time is money to me! Also, I think the foodsaver bags will be a different size as you have to cut of the part that is sealed at the top, which would shorten them for the next use.

I can get the air out of a zip pretty well with a straw, but it doesn't work the same as the foodsaver bags.

You know, I'm wondering whether you can use a zip with the foodsaver. I wonder if they seal the same way. Has anyone tried that. If that works, you just might have yourself a good answer!
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I've never had the opportunity to use a foodsaver--other than "vacuum packing" what are the other benefits? I have used ziplocs (we can even get them here--) forever and have had NO problems with freezing anything. I guess the foodsaver is best for bulk freezing?? Zips do it very well. IMHO
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That's what I'm wondering. I am going back to school and I will be working full time. My original intent was to say bbq up some steaks and chicken etc, and vaccuum pack them. Then my daughter or hubby would only have to pull one out of the freezer and put into a pot of boiling to simmer for a few minutes. I could put them in a ziploc, but then you have to let them thaw and microwaving them can cook them further.

I love the idea and that it will reduce freezer burn, but my gosh they're expensive.

I may try the straw technique. I just rolled and squeezed to get as much air out as possible. They'll just have to get use to pulling them out of the freezer the night before.
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Yes, you can reuse the bags - but it will be for something smaller than what was originally in it. Also, depending on what was in it - It can be hard to clean - like tomato sauce.

I really like ours, but for somethings I still use ziplock bags. Meat - we eat it up fairly quickly, so I do not put steaks in it, just in a ziplock. Spaghetti sauce and frozen soup - I like them frozen flat in ziplocks, so I use them for those things.

I do not have a profesional one, so anything that is wet, liquid you need to flash freeze first before puting in the food saver. These are the things I do use it for.

Cheese - I buy in bulk and vacuum half and keep just in the refrigerator. It keeps much fresher.

Meatloaf - mix it up, freeze uncooked in a loaf pan, remove and vacuum it. Then when ready to use, take out of the foodsaver bag and thaw back in the loaf pan. Does not tie up your pans in the freezer. For easy removal from the pan I use nonstick spray and line the pan with Saran wrap, when frozen just pull it out.

Roasted tomato sauce - same as above - make it, freeze in a glass dish in quantities you use, remove and seal.

Hot Dogs - we buy huge packages, I flash freeze - individualy freeze on cookie sheets, seal in serving size for my kids.

Fresh corn - blanch in the summer and freeze. YUM

Chicken- marinated and cooked
Chicken, pork or beef - cooked and shredded to use in enchiladas or other casseroles.
Zuchini - shredded and frozen in 2 cup quantities to use in breads, cakes, or squash casserole

Probably other things - just can't think of it right now. Soups and stews would be easy and work great for the boil method - you just need to freeze first in a dish then seal it. You can't suck up liquid into the vacuum mechanisim. You can do this also when freezing raw or marinated meats. Will suck the meat juice right out of the meat. But it can work great and I have had some of our tomato sauce that has been frozen for 2 years and it is great.

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My vote is for you to get yourself right back to that store and put another FoodSaver (professional) in your cart!!

The FoodSaver saved my husband from starvation while I went thru 3 years of culinary school and couldn't be around for his dinners. I would reuse the bags quite often - just throw in dishwasher, hang to dry completely and no fuss, no time wasted, I was set to go again.

Personal note: I've never been satisfied with food/leftovers I freeze in ziplock bags - more often than not I have freezer burn/crystals in the bags.

Last time I looked, it was 10 days and many more days now till your life is turned upside down????
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I agree 100%!! We love ours and it is worth every penny. You can buy the continuous roll and make your own bags (much cheaper than the indivivual ones). I also re-use. If you take the time to size up the food you can be very efficient. I have an address of a company that I get my rolls from...let me see if I can pull it up for you.

Here yu go!!
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You guys are too great Ok seems I have a lot to think about. I'm going to go thru my freezer and start planning out meals that I'm going to pre-cook this weekend.

Jean - I start Monday!!!! **breathing in and out remaining calm but excited **

I had never thought about pre-forming meatloaf and freezing and some of the other wonderful things mentioned. I am very glad to hear I could re-use some of the bags. I was thinking if I bought fresh green beans I could take out 1/2 and reseal. Or if did do grilled steaks I could take them out, and then put in more steaks. (Till the bag couldn't be used for that) I would mix meats, and everything I'd put in them would mainly be cooked.

The main reason I was considering it was to pre-make meals for the family while going to school.

**4 days and counting**
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Denise,....I know once you start school, you're going to be b*lls to the wall busy, just try to pop in every once in a while to let us know how things are going!

Good luck!
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Okay....I ordered a food saver!
Now, if I could just snap my fingers and get it here! LOL
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