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Hi all. I got my new range hooked up! YEA! We initiated it with a Fresh Blackberry Pie - my hubby's favorite! Since he hooked my new range up! It is taking some getting used to. The glass top cooks so much more efficiently (HOTTER) than my old one. The first night made Chicken Pomodore - it was tasty, but definately got overcooked.

I have a question for you all since I am new to convection ovens. And I can select convection or conventional baking.

When would you absolutely use convection?

And what type of things do you think are better in a conventional oven?

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Don't quote me but I think that convection ovens are supposed to be great for baking---the fan circulates the air around the item much more and cuts back on baking time. It is also good for batch baking---multiple trays of cookies etc. at the same time. I have both capabilities on my ovens as well---convection for baking, conventional for everything else.

I will make a very strong suggestion---read your manual cover to cover a couple of times before you decide which route to go. Maybe experiment with something that you are comfortable with and see what the differences are.

Again---just a matter of getting accustomed to the product. There are several functions on my ovens that I have never used---don't need them but the bells and whistles were nice at the time of purchase---I'm really spoiled rotten!!!

You are gonna have fun with your new toy!!!

If you google convection vs conventional ovens you will see several sites there that have opinions and advice--hope that helps.
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When I got mine the only thing I was concerned with was whether to use the convection when I was baking something like Creme Brulee or Flan - but no problems at all.

Have fun with your new toy!!!Smile
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