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I would like to make a peach base for a fruit soup. My notion is to blend peach pulp with heavy cream. How do I avoid the peach acid curdling the cream? Should the base be cooked. I want the soup to be served cold.

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Here's a recipe from Jacques Pepin. He doesn't boil the peaches before adding the cream and it appears it can be refrigerated overnight with no problem. Hope this helps.
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Not all the features on this website work, so I don't know if what I'm about to tell you will work or not....but go to "my home" and at the bottom there are places where you can edit your preferences. I think it's the last one that has an option you can select that will e-mail replies to your favorite threads. You have to make a thread your favorite for it to work....not exactly sure how. Either something at the bottom of the page or at the bottom of the post. If you can't figure it out, let me know and I would be happy to investigate it further. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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I agree with Calliope - just add your heavy cream to the peach pulp in a blender or processor and you won't have any problems. What seasonings are you going to add to your soup? Love fruit soups.

P.S. Just looked at Jacques Pepin's link - he only uses cream whipped as a garnish, it's not added to the soup base. But, adding the cream to the peaches you won't have any trouble.
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Thanks for the recipe, Cal, and CJ I'll try doing the cream directly. I'll try cooking the puree-cream mixture and not cooking it. If one way fails, then I'll have learned by one of my many mistakes.

Twik and Shirl, I think I've got the e-mail deal worked out, thanks to you. If not, I'll ask for your help again.

CJ, I'm not sure what flavorings. I'd like to start with an undergirt of fruity white wine with the alcohol boiled out, some cinnamon, a little almond extract.

I think this will call for double mechanical action: food processor to make the puree initially, then, toward the end of the process, the higher speed of the blender.

For garnish I want red Bing cherry halves, maybe some nice pieces of peach, blueberries, and, thanks to Jacques, some whipped cream and possibly -- since nothing exceeds like excess -- some bittersweet chocolate sprinkles.

There is a psychological motive for the soup: here in drought-ridden Northwestern Virginia, we have come to mourn the heavy damp of Summer heat and long for Fall; if well-made, this soup should remind me and my friends that the Summers of Virginia peaches are nothing to mourn about.


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