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Now that I have so many fabulous cornbread recipes to try, both with sugar, and without (ha ha) I need to purchase a cast iron pan. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that they need to be "seasoned" before use, and I take it that doesn't mean salt and pepper. What should I buy, and how do I prepare it. You all are so much help. Thank you.
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I just get the Lodge Pro-Logic preseasoned pans. I love them.
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That's AWESOME!!! Thanks Tammy!
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Here's an even more inexpensive way to get them...garage sales, thrift stores. Take 'em home, scrub 'em up, season 'em and off ya go! Seasoning is not difficult. Make sure the pan is clean; dry it thoroughly...I put mine on a burner set on low [med-high if I'm in a hurry], when it's nice and dry, rub it thoroughly inside and out with vegetable oil (don't drench it), place upside down on a baking sheet, so the oil can run out instead of sitting and glazing in the bottom of the pan, turn the oven to 400°F and bake for two hours. I usually do this a couple of times.

The secret to cooking with cast iron is to get it hot before you put the oil in, and when the oil is ready, put in whatever you're going to cook.
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I agree with Tammy---Lodge pans are the best--have had for several DECADES and they are as good as the day I bought them---excellent results every time. If yours is not seasoned just follow Billy's advice--that's what I did moons ago. Does not have to be done very often either--you won't be disappointed with this purchase.
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Wagner makes a good pan too. Billy---garage sales?? I did most of the cooking in my first marriage of 23 years. I had a Wagner--perfect--slick like teflon--20 years in the making--came home one day and couldn't find it. Asked first wife where it was--her response--"that old thing?" She sold it!!!!! First thing that sold!!!! $5. Sick. That's not the only reason she was my first wife, but it contributed. My current wife (and last) brought several beautifully seasoned pans to this union. Seventeen years ago. Good woman. Good cook. Lots in common.
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OMG, I'm broken hearted for you - I have the same bond as you all do with my cast iron - from the little guy, ~6" to my huge camping skillet that will hold 10 lbs. of potatoes and onions!

And it's funny how over time and use, the skillets kinds of self-season as you go.
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Yeah Bill, Wagner is my favorite cast iron. I've got one of those deep, 10" chicken fry pans and it's woe be unto anyone that touches that fry pan. I have one that is used for nothing but cornbread, when the cornbread is done, you shake it a little and dump the cornbread out...hasn't stuck in years.
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So true, the bond with your cast iron skillet thing. I got grandma's when she passed. It had to be over 20yrs old when I got it, and I've had it 15 or more. It's perfect! Probbly the most precious item in my kitchen, next to the PowerPrep
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When my dad died, we were collecting the various things that we wanted to save and I took the cast iron. I moved so much that I got tired of hauling them around and heaven knows what I did with them. This was before I started cooking.

OK, after you have seasoned your pan, if by chance something sticks on it, do you clean it with one of those stainless steel cleaning pads with dry soap in it? If you do, would you reseason it?

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