Cleaning Porcelain Sinks
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I had despaired of ever getting the aluminum marks off of my Kohl cast iron, porcelain coated's white. I've used Comet, bleach, scrub pads, you name it. When I bought my Stainless skillets and pots I bought some Bar Keepers Friend to keep them nice and shiny. I'd just finished cleaning my skillet and had the cleaner in my hand and thought, "Why not?" I sprinkled a little on a mark, grabbed my dish cloth..swish, swish, the stain was gone! Now my white sink is sparkling white again...try it, you'll like it!
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good hint to keep in the back of the mind Billy!
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HATED mine!! After 15 years, went granite! LOVE it! LOL
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Do you think that would work on those awful water marks that happen over time on tempered glass shower doors? Would be great to get that project solved---sigh.
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