October Issue 59
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Anyone else get an extra set of holes punched in theirs? Anyway........
The foccacia recipe is excellent. I had my doubts first time around as the dough is very, VERY soft! The picture on p. 45 of pulling the dough before the first rise was not possible due to how soft the dough was. The rosemary in my garden is just huge and the blanching of it was good as it retained some green color and did not scorch. The second one I sprinkled the top with finely shaved garlic slices also and the 3rd I sprinkled it liberally with grated Parm. Regiono too. The recipe suggests not leaving the biga in the fridge over 16 hours and I got busy and it went 24 hours and still came out perfect. Gold Medal bread flour worked perfectly. I love this magazine....extra holes and all....
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Cheryl - welcome to the forums!! The weather seems to be cooperating with thots of breadmaking also - good to know this is a good one. Also, just happen to love focaccia!
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Welcome, Cheryl! No extra holes in mine. Thanks for the review....oh, it sounds so good!
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WELCOME Cheryl---nice to have new members on board!!

I've been looking at that recipe--now I will give it a go. It's still cool here (usually very warm by this time of the year) and I enjoy new bread recipes--- I can smell that aroma already!!

Thanks for the review.
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Welcome Cheryl, and MMMMM that foccacia sounds like a perfect cool weather treat.
ps didn't notice any extra holes, maybe that one was done by the night shift
Or better, maybe you qualify for a prize or sumthin
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Welcome Cheryl. No, they must have punched those holes specially just for you.

I love foccacia. If I give you my address will you send me some? Please? I begged the others and they wouldn't do it.
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Thanks for all the welcomes. Billy I'd send you one but seriously it's not all that difficult. I find making yeast products theraputic or something. Takes a bit of time like all yeast products and a few tools. I probably should not presume EVERYONE has a Kitchenaid upright with a dough hook like I do as you do need a mixer to do foccacia easily and I have a heat lamp in my exhaust hood to help proof the product.....but that just speeds up the rising a bit is all.
I made this the 4th time today and did not hear my convection fan running as the overhead exhaust was drowning it out and the result was a crust a bit too crisp on the edges....but I have a feeling none will end up tossed out.
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I've made it a time or 3 Cheryl, but it never lives up to my expectations. The first time I tasted it we were at a Seafood & Wine Festival in Astoria, Oregon. This lady was selling specialty breads for $5 a loaf. Here was this round loaf, about 12" across and 3" thick; it was called Foccacia. I'd not only never heard of it, but it looked pretty strange to me, well, we had a pint of aioli and the bread WAS garlic and rosemary AND it smelled good, so I bought it. Two of my sisters and I grabbed three adjacent chairs tore that loaf apart and smeared aioli on it...had to use our fingers as smearers , no knife. There were whole cloves of garlic, chunks of garlic, minced garlic, rosemary, kosher salt and we ate that whole loaf sitting right there. That's what I want to make!

Mine always has a good taste, but it's only about 2" thick and it's just not "it"!.
Don't wait too long to tell someone you love them.

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Warm Welcomes Cheryl. Great to have you here.
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Welcome, Cheryl. I'll have to give it a try!
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