Hello Jan/HalfBaked!!!
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I just invited a new friend to join us - well, she will be new to most of you, but is an old, great friend to a few of us - Jan aka halfbaked.

And I'm going to tell you all her deep, dark, known-only-to-a-few, dastardly secret....sit down and get ready to offer comfort and help!!

Her husband is not a foodie and she is bored as he-- with cooking and she's not going to take it anymore - she is determined to branch out. AND who better to help her with this quest...than us!!!

Hope she gets here soon!
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Yay, I finally was able to login! Can someone tell me how to turn the Graemlins and Instant UBB Code on?

Yes Jean has spilled my secret. When I lived in Maryland, I had family all around me and cooked cooked cooked. Mr Half Baked and I moved to Georgia and without family around, I got into a rut. Mr HB is a very picky eater and I started cooking only his favorites....meat, gravy, potatos/noodles and broccoli.

I reached my limit this week and explained (that's the nice word) that we are going back to eating fun, exciting and different foods, again. It's just silly to have all the equipment in the kitchen to make everything from spatzle to sushi and not use them.

I am so happy to be here and am going to check out all the threads. Jean mentioned that every 2 weeks or so, a recipe is picked and everyone makes it. That sounds like so much fun.


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Welcome, Jan! You have my sympathies....my husband is not a foodie either and he's quite picky. He's less picky now than he used to be though...I've gotten him to try and like lots of things he swore he would never like.

Oh, and the graemlins and UBB codes only work manually. You have to type in the colons and the words. Poor little neglected forum....
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#21962 - 12/09/2006 13:49

I thought I was going crazy...I haven't been in the army since 1975. I saw posts from Dec 9th and wondered if I was in the twilight zone.

And that is a segue into TwilightKitten. I'm glad I have someone who shares my problem but it's great that Mr Twilight is trying hard to expand his food horizens, with your help.

Thank you for the welcome. Wow, I don't think I'm going to be using many graemlins...lol.

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You will love it here Jan---and sounds as though you will be a GREAT addition to the family-----WELCOME!!!!

My DH is a meat and potatoes man too--but he is a real good sport with my hobby and knows that he will STARVE if he doesn't indulge me--- Kidding aside--we have had some interesting choices for our dinner menus. Many of these I just passed over on the initial review of the issue and have been pleasantly surprised with some of the final product. See ya around------
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Hi Jan! Welcome to the boards!

Well my hubby will eat, or at least, try whatever I put in front of him. But my father-in-law is a different matter and I cook all his lunches and dinners and package them up for him because he just can't cook at all. He's truly a meat and potatoes man.

This board with these WONDERFUL people have just inspired the heck out of me.

So much so I am now enrolled in culinary school CJS I have a whole new appreciation for what you went through
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Mr HB's dad is coming to visit us for 'awhile' (maybe from Nov-Jan *THUD*)and I don't know if he is an adventurous eater or not. Somehow I doubt it...lol.

When we would visit them, I literally would be sick when I left. The first time we had dinner, I couldn't believe that his mom didn't drain the noodles, corn and peas/carrots (notice they are all starches). Well, they had been drained...these veggies were literally swimming in butter. My system couldn't handle it.

DFen, how wonderful for you. CJS is quite an inspiration to us all!

Roxanne, Mr HB brags about my cooking to others...he just won't eat it. roflmao

Thank you for the welcome, Roxanne and DFen!

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Welcome Jan
Thankfully my hubby will gleefully eat anything you put in front of him and tell you it was wonderful teehee. His attitude has always helped me get past the failures.
Happy to meet you and maybe you want to join our next online dinner party
Hopefully that gets you there
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Helloooooo! Nice to meet you Jan. You will love it here...so many great folks and recipes.

My DH used to be a fanatic. Welllll, I nipped that one right quick! Don't tell him wahat's in the dish. Really it works.

Hope to see more of you!
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Well, thank you for the welcome. I think the dinner party Spiced Chicken Thighs sounds delicious...I appreciate you mentioning it to me.

Dollop, the olives will be a problem but he can put them on the side of his plate. :

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