Splendid Soups
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Hello Everybody,

Making Greek Lentil Soup form the Splendid Soups book as we speak. Will tell you how it is in about 30 min or so...STAY TUNED.
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THe soup is done. THe flavoris great but I totally messed up on the lentils. You have to soak them in BOILING water for 30 min but i did luke warm one instead...so it totally screwed them up...oh well...live and learn

OTherwise the soup is great.
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Glad to hear! I ordered mine online, but couldn't wait, so picked it up in the supermarket today. The other will go into someone's stocking!! I think the first one will be "Chicken Pot Pie" soup!
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Yes, I made my b/f look through them and mark the ones he wants me to make...and that was his first choice. Let me know how it is if you make it before me.

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