Splendid Soups--Chicken Pot Pie Soup Review
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I guess i am into soups this week...sooooooo made chicken pot pie soup today. My boyfriend really liked it and so did our guests considering everybody except me had two bowls. I like more exotic flavors but it was excellent comfort food.

Broccoli cheese soup is next i think...maybe even tomorrow...STAY TUNED
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"excellent comfort food"

That's what it sounded like to me. Thanks for the review, piano! Have you tried the baked potato one yet?
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Oooh, I can't wait to try those two. But I have to finish up the food here before I go to the market, again.

Mr HB and I have been running around so much after work, that I've just been thawing leftovers.

I got interrupted making Jean's Pork-Stuffed Poblanos and have part of it already made, in the freezer. <baer>

whoops, I think I've gone off topic.

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Oh Jan, we had those/these last nite - the guys loved them!! (Two fellas from Spokane came over for dinner) and the dessert had them licking the martini glass - have any idea how hard it is to lick out a martini glass...even an over-sized one???? Do you make the Cinnamon Rice Pilaf to go with them?? It makes a great dinner.

I'll go post the recipe for dessert - Raspberry Napoleons - yummy!!!

(good Lord, was this a jumbled up posting or what... )
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