tres leches/genoise cake
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I have made the tres leches cake from a couple years ago several times. It has come out perfectly every time except for the last 4 times. I can't figure it out. The cake batter is nice and fluffy when it goes in the oven but for some reason it comes out hard and won't absorb the milks. What could be the problem?? The oven temp? Changing oven temp? Opening the oven??
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Interesting you should post this. Check your milk. In the last couple of years it has changed and drastically. Lowfat, Skim etc. None of the have the same milk 'fats' as they use to.

Even from brand to brand. Knudsen vs Farmland will have differences in fats and ingredients.

Also they're pasturizing it longer so it stays at a high temperature longer which breaks down the enzymes.

Milk just isn't what it used to be.
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Very true...and don't even mention cream.

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