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Anyone else reading this journal?? This is soooo very entertaining--and a learning experience for the reader!! I'm sure you are doing a GREAT job (98.8%---AMAZING!!!!---but you can improve ). GO GIRL----you make us proud!!! Ya know---I'm beginning to see the fruits of your labor coming through your posts. I also remember that our instructors in nursing school always chose the stronger students to "ride". Made them better at what they loved!!!
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Oh shoot! I read the first few and then forgot - I need to make the web site a favorite, I can't remember what it is!
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Oh goodness Roxanne, that is certainly true about nursing school. And I expect all learning undertakings where excellence really matters. Keep it up Denise, you are a marvel.
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I read everyday! I've sent a couple of private emails to Denise to let her know that I was enjoying her blog and that I was thinking about her! How awesome is that!!!
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Denise, honey bunch, sweetie pie, my lil' daffodil, would you please post your blog url again?

Never mind, here it is:
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Yo Denise...what recipe did you use for the Roesti? Love those things.
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First off - Wow and THANK YOU!!

I still have to post Fridays adventures and oh do I have drama to share hehehehe

I make a point to try and post every day no matter how tired because I'll never get to go thru this again and I so want to remember every detail.

Billy for the Roesti - (I did it the standard way the first time but the second time I added cream and garlic)

1 Russet Potato (about 10 oz)
2 Oz Onion
S & P
1 oz clarified butter

Parboil the potato whole with the peel on for 10 minutes, the peel, grate potato and onion. Season with S7P and mix up well. Heat the butter in a non-stick 6" saute pan, or cast iron pan. Add the potato mixture. Form the potato to the pan so that it's an even round shape. When the Roesti is golden brown, flip it over. Bake in a 375 F oven until the other side is golden brown and tender throughout.

Now the second time I added garlic to the mixture and poured 2 oz of heavy cream over the top before I put in the oven. Hubby added cheese to his to melt over the top.

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