I got an A!!
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Yeah PCA-I is completed and I was one of the 5 A's in the class. I am so happy!!

Ok now I'm terrified because that means I'm moving onto the next segment which I hear is the hardest of all 4 segments.

And tonight I get to watch the newbies come in They start their PCA-I tonight....won't that be cute?!
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Congratulations! And don't worry about the next segment...you will do great. You are an "A" student after all.
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Great job Denise! I didn't really doubt tho!
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Oh Excellent! So proud of you girl!
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Ah Denise, with all your fans here rooting for you and your dedication, what else could you get? I am excited for and proud of you!
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I KNEW IT!!!! Good for you---and now you can (and will, no doubt) go ahead and show them in the next round!! Piece of cake---are you baking??!!?? SOOOO very proud of you!!!!!!!!! 1 down, 3 to go- ALREADY!!!!
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Congratulations! A 4.0 is something to really be proud of.

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I am proud to converse with you--I have good judgement in my on line friends--Congratulations!!!!
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Well - of course you did!!
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Jolly good. An A. I am so pleased for you I feel as if you won that grade for me. Excellence will always out.

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