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Roxanne's post about her anniversary meal sparked this thread. What is the best meal that was prepared for you by your SO? On my 39th birthday, about 9 yrs ago, my boyfriend drove us to a quiet spot on the ocean. He had packed a picnic lunch for us, with crabmeat salad (he made himself) and Dom Perignon. It was a misty, cool day in late May, but it was all so romantic, especially so as his idea of cooking is throwing Elios pizza or break apart Toll House cookies in the oven. It doesn't sound like much, I know, but we have eatten out probably a couple thousand times since then, at some very nice places, but nothing has ever tasted as good as that crabmeat salad roll on that briny day!

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*thud* Neither one of my husbands ever cooked a meal for me. No that's not true. My ex took great steaks, used s&p, wrapped them in foil and baked them forever.

But both cooked when I was sick...Campbells and a grilled cheese.

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My husband never cooks. He's the king of reheat

But on my 40th birthday he got an idea and decided to cook me dinner. So while I was at work he spent 3 hours in the grocery store shopping for the ingredients for Manicotti. He called my sister 4 times while there and my mother once. (Neither of which has ever made manicotti). He found a recipe in one of my books and the poor dear ended up buying all the seasonings I already had in my spice cupboard.

He did a nice salad and bottle of chianti. They came out great! Except for one thing, I hate manicotti. Hahaha. Everytime we go to an Italian restaurant he orders it and I get a light pasta tossed in evo. I'm not a big cheese fan. He was like No you love it right? My reply was I love your manicotti
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I would have to say-----he boiled HOT water for tea and made some toast (sort of overdone a bit BUT it was dry)---I WAS REALLY SICK!!!! He's not comfortable in the kitchen---but that's okay---INVADE MY SPACE??? NO WAY!!!

That was sooo cute to see this guy come in with a tray with tea and toast---you would have to see it to understand!!
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Bless your're a sweetie!

DH doesn't cook. But he does help in the kitchen from time-to-time.

He always gets champagne, roses, and a lovely card for me! A girl can't complain with all that and a big wet kiss!
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For the first 22 years that we were married, my DH didn't cook at all. Period. I enjoy cooking, and even when I wasn't feeling well I would do it. But for my birthday last year he made me breakfast. He told me to stay in bed for a half hour, then I could get up and dressed but I couldn't come down for an hour. It was an unusually warm week, and he had uncovered the wicker pario set beside the pond and scrubbed it all down the night before (I had no idea). I heard pans banging and all kinds of activity going on, but stayed upstairs until he called me to come down. He took me, the newspaper, and a mug of coffee out to the table and told me to relax while he finished. Several minutes later he brought out scrambled eggs, toast, jam, sausage, and a bowl of strawberries topped with vanilla yogurt and chopped pecans. And more coffee. I sat there, in the warm morning sun, for almost two hours. *sigh* I hope I don't have to wait another 22 years!

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What nice stories. Shane does most of the cooking here, and the dishes too. He is a good cook, and made a noodly thing with mushrooms thru it for Christies birthday. It was really good. I remember one of his first efforts decades ago, it was a green stuffed olive omlette entirely suitable for a frisbee. I ate it!! in spite of having had my eldest son just three hours before. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I think he used every pan in the kitchen.

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