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Many of us have talked about how nice it would be to have a chat room.

Well I've taken the liberty of creating one, but you will need to download a program called Paltalk ( It is used like most Instant Messengers. When you have it loaded up you can click on the Chat Rooms and do a search for the room "Loves to Cook". It's only open while I'm online and right now with school that Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm PDT.

I'm looking into other avenues for other rooms and will keep you posted
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Just to let you guys know...I joined. It's great to be able to chit-chat. Me and Denise were able to visit for a few minutes!
Would love to see each and everyone of you join too!
Sometimes I need a quick answer for a question. This is the perfect way to achieve this!
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Oh crap, Denise, you're like an acquaintance of mine who can start websites, chat rooms, etc. Well, I'll give it a try and see what happens - does this mean I can't chat with, say Lorraine, unless you're on also???

Are you up/on at 4:30 a.m. PST???? (oh, you're PST) I don't think anyone is...
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Will the new members plus - IF THEY EVER GET IT UP AND RUNNING - have a chat room? If they do, that might be a possibility for the future - when ever that is.
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Jean...Denise is thinking about leaving the chat room open all night so that we don't have to "chat" around her schedule.

ES...nope. The new website will not offer a chat service. I asked them about this. I think it would be fantastic, but apparantly, it's too much trouble.
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And...for those of you who are thinking about coming to chat.. Denise is DFen911 and I am Bizymomma aka Angela.
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I'm trying to join too. How fun!!! Sure hope this works with my Juraasic Computer lol
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I'm going to have to pass for awhile. When this computer gets completely well, I'll join.

Mr HB deleted some things that I had allowed on my firewall and although the computer is working fine right now, I'm anxious to see what sites I won't be able to get on, if any.

That's why I was concerned when I couldn't get on one of my food sites.

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Ok the chat room worked pretty yesterday..well until my office lost power. So sorry about that. I plan to leave it open even if I'm not around. The only downside is I can't kick anyone out of the room if they get squirrely. So if anyone does someone let me know their name and I'll log in when I get back and ban them. Also use the ignore feature so you don't have to listen to them while Im not there.

So come on over

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