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I finally received my copy of this little gem in my care package today. For those of you that don't know what this is, Jean did a compilation of favorite recipes of other chefs that she has had the pleasure to spend time with.

The recipes are comfort foods and reading through the book was enormous FUN---it brought back so many special memories of my childhood---growing up on a farm with five siblings and five adults---HUGE appetites. Many of these recipes were a staple in our home. And then off to school and the basic survival skills---

Many of the contributors are our very own forum members---curious to know how long you all have known each other and under what circumstances. What wonderful friendships have been formed!!!

Best part--Jean's hard and selfless efforts benefit up and coming chefs.

Thanks Jean!!!

Oh--small aside, I ordered this book and had it sent to my Mom for forwarding to me. She started copying recipes soooo I had another one sent to her---now, this lady is 81 years young and she has her first cookbook!!
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What a nice post. 81 and her first cookbook!!! That it came from Jean is double nice.
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We met on another cooking website a number of years ago. I spent last Christmas at Jean's daughter's house with Jean, Roy, Tracie and her children. My oldest brother and his wife and I spent last New Years with Jean and Roy shortly after they moved to Port Angeles. I spent a memorable weekend at Jean and Roy's old place in California for one of their parties. I've met Sharon Harborwitch and her hubby, Lorraine and a few others who are not members here. I was even fortunate to participate in one of the fundraiseer dinners a year ago this last August and met many other chefs and foodies. Now I get to go visit my other sister Dale [I met her on the other site too].

If you're a chocoholic, try that Chocolate to the MAX recipe.
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Aren't I the lucky one. I can't imagine anyone not knowing, but Billy and his sister Carol are coming fairly early December. I am just hanging out the window, waiting, waiting. They will have 18 hours continuous travel to get here, so I will have their beds turned down ready for them to crash if they want to. Sleeping in an aeroplane is never restful. No coffee for either of you Billy, and remember to keep yourselves hydrated, Lots of water, and take some food on the 'plane. Dried fruit is good, but you will have to leave what you don't nibble on, on the plane. Don't take an interesting book to read, take a textbook, nothing like it for sleep inducement.
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Don't forget to stretch EVERY hour! Keep the blood flowing freely through those veins!! It's very important to either stand up and walk, or bend your legs and twist those ankles while on long flights!

Wish I was coming...........*sigh*
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Maybe next year Angela, and bring the family with you. I never thought I would see Billy, but I shall. Dreams do come true.
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You will absolutely love all the recipes. I wish more people would have written stories about the dishes. I think it's fun reading, too.

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So where do we get this cookbook?
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Well, now that you ask, Piano.... Just drop me a p.m. and I'll give you all the particulars.

thank you for the kind words, Roxanne - it was purely a labor of love project. And best of all, the book has already raised one $1000. scholarship - all by itself!!!
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