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This post is dedicated just to you my dear! Its a post I'm going to start just to let you know how much you're cared for.

I know that you're going through a really rough time right now, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm sending supportive, hugging thoughts your way.

Just know that we're here to lend an ear if you need one!

Take care of you!
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I thinking about you, too, Tammy. Although I'm not familiar with your problems, I hope you get some relief soon.

I'm sorry to hear your grandmother is not doing well.

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Just wanting to add my thoughts to these others, the good huggy kind. It's true y'know, you are an important part of our foodie family.
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I was just going to send along a pm to you re: this very matter. We are missing you--thoughts (and tons of good ones) are coming your way from Cape Town. Best of all to you---Hugs, R
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Tammy I just sent you a long PM.

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Tammy, this is such a bad time for you and your family - she is so lucky to have such loving support from her family.

It will be hard for all of you until you can be comforted when you can just remember the good times you had with your grandma and she had having such a loving granddaughter as you!!

Prayers coming your way from all over!!
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Hugging you Tammy, drawing you into snuggles. We are all so with you, dear Lady. Only God knows how we love our grandmothers.
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Tammy, I am reading these words of support for you and I don't know the situation. Please take comfort knowing that we are here to assist you in any way possible. Healing prayers are being sent to your Grandmother, you, and all of your family.
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What a thoughtful thing to do Angela.

Prayers and good thoughts for you and yours Tammy.
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Tammy, I don't know all the details, but know that everyone here loves you very much and will be saying prayers for you and your family. Take good care and know that there's a big shoulder to cry on here.
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