Recipes or Cookbook for high cholesteral
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A friend of mine has been diagnosed with very high cholesterol, the good is low, the bad is high, high triglycerides. She has a very limited range of "allowed" foods, and if any of you have had to cook for this problem, do you have any ideas for me? A cookbook you've liked, perhaps, or maybe some favorite recipes would be great. She's following her doctor's orders, but she's getting a little discouraged.

Thanks in advance!

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Ohhh good question. I just got my bloodwork figures back from my Dr. this morning and am blown away by the high figures. I have to do something and I am trying by dieting and excercise but it's not really working. Am now on the generic for Zocor but just started a few days ago. I would love any help I can get. I hope you get a ton of good suggestions to this question.
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PJ and VDQ, I can not speak highly enough of these books that I mentioned a while back. I had a major heart attack and high cholesterol in '93 - when I first found the books. Pisatella has a couple of books.

"The book that got me thru the transition to heart healthy cooking a number of years ago is "Choices For A Healthy Heart" by Joseph C Pisatella."

His second book I think, is "Don't Eat Your Heart Out" - something like that. His recipes are so good I cook them whether I'm being careful or not.

I'm not home righ now, so can't tell you the exact name, but the Heart Assoc. has a large red book - great recipes there also.

And please take heart ( ), you can cook fun dishes and still be within the guidelines for heart and cholesterol!!!

Please check out the Farmer's Market Soup post - you will have to look a long way for a better tasting soup!

Good luck to us all in this endeavor.
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I Googled cholesterol cookbooks and it came back with pages and pages. There is a website: you might want to check into; American Heart Assn Low-Fat, Low-cholesteral cookbook; Low-Cholesteral Cookbook for Dummies ; there are many listed. Plus, there are websites that discuss high cholesteral, causes and remedies.
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While what Billy posted is true - there is a lot of info and recipes out there, I have to tell you I bot a lot, copied a lot, and a lot was just crap!!

So hopefully, those on here with tried and tru recipes and books will make note of them for you.

A couple more I thot of after I posted - again, I'm not home, so will have to wait for the correct names (Billy, you may have one of these? or was it Lorraine?). The books are from an author or an assoc. in Canada - Hearthealthy Asian Cooking and one other....will check next week.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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In addition to Jean's suggestion "Choices For A Healthy Heart" by Joseph C Pisatella.". I also have Reader's Digest's Cooking Smart for a Healthy Heart, Fabulous Fat-Free Cooking by Lynn Fischer and I have the Heart Association book plus another Heart Association's 'No-Fad Diet'. This is a very interesting book.

I dropped my cholesterol 35 pts by eating right and exercising (Curves) 3x a week. I haven't been as good and have to give blood in Dec. Better get back to lighter cooking. Last night we had chicken fried pork steaks, mashed potatos, corn, rolls and a little green salad.

Just a handy idea because I couldn't remember them:

HCL - Happy cholesterol
LCL - Lethal cholesterol

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I am becoming an expert in this myself this since my b/f massive heart attack+cardiac arrest. His cholesterol was high. With Zocor and changes in diet we lowered his bad cholesterol to 105. Now they want it below 70.

I have learned to make changes in our food.
The biggest that I make more of the stuff we have never eaten before. I found that if I change something in the old "proven" recipe we basically know how it is suppose to be and not necessarily like it BUT...with new is easy we dont know and normally it tastes good.

Some other stuff i started doing is...heavy cream now = fat free half and half. Sour Cream =either light or fat free. Buttter=One of those Cholesterol free spreads or olive oil. I have never in my life read soooo many labels. Never had to. He is really skinny and I am not overweight either so calorie intake has never been our concern. Our Dr said that beans are really good for you so I try to incorporate them in our diets much more. Also we switched from beef to turkey, chicken or pork. I make beef stroganoff which he absolutely loves...I made it with pork the other day and he said that it was barely noticable. We also buy only light cheese and fat free milk. Oh a big change is I stopped using eggs and use one of these egg reddi containers that are cholesterol free. I have even tried baking with it and it was fine. Also if you like bacon try turkey bacon instead. It is obviously not the real thing but it tastes really good. OH yeah.. and lots and lots and lots of fish. Especially fatty fishies like salmon, seabass, sturgeon etc. OH and if you like oysters they have zero cholesterol. Here comes Oyster chowder again.

Unfortunately most of the people according to the dr cannot control their cholesterol with just diets. My good friend whom i have never seen eat more than a chicken breast and a salad, that works out everyday, wears something disgusting like size 2 pants has cholesterol over 400.

I did buy the book except I got a new version of it on Amazon. Recipies do look good. If you tell me what kind of foods your friend likes I can look up and post a few for you. The book I bought is called The Healthy Heart Cookbook by Piscatelli.

Happy cooking
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Peter (DH) had a very high cholesterol level diagnosed about four years ago. He was placed on Zocor---did nothing!!! Then went to Lipitor and he is well within range for healthy living again. His was BAD cholesterol---meaning that this is hereditary. Good cholesterol is related to diet---that level has always been good for him. I did change his diet somewhat--cut back on his red meat intake---LOVES his BEEF!!! Increased our fish to at least X2 per week. The diet has not really changed other than that--I also try to encourage more veggies in his diet--now that's a not so easy task, but he tries--- better as time goes by. He was also placed on Flaxseed, Salmon Oil, Vit E supplement and Berroca. He also has high blood pressure due to a traumatic injury many years ago and this is managed well with the above mentioned.

I have no specific cookbooks but I will look into the ones that have been mentioned here.
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Thank you all! I'm going in search of the Piscatella books right now. I'll also check out that website, Billy. Thanks.

I know I should go and have my cholesterol tested, too, it's been-10 yrs?- and it wasn't good then.

Jan, love the happy and lethal!

Piano, I appreciate the offer. Will let you know if I can't find the books!


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