Dinner tonight
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Just browsing C@H while my rice cooks...thought I would tell you what's for dinner. What the heck!! LOL
Tonight I'm trying something new out of my Quick and Easy Thai cookbook.

I'm serving Pan-Seared Tuna with Green Curry Sauce with fried rice (kids like it better) and roasted sugar snap peas. Served of course with chop sticks! I try to make meal time fun for the kids. They think they're "something" when I have chop sticks out instead of silverware!
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I am very sore and tired so we're having the leftover Split Pea Soup from Splendid Soups and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

We were designing our garden for next year. It is based on the book Square Foot Gardening and we worked hard this afternoon...digging, nailing and cutting boards. We've upgraded from 5x5 to 8x16 and it is so cute. I have an 18" slate path to go between the plants so I can reach the veggies. This will only be my 3rd year with a garden so I'm planning it out 'perfectly' (crossed fingers) for next spring. The last 2 years I didn't know what worked with what and although my veggies were great, some plants over ran the more delicate ones.

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We're having leftover pinto beans with ham hock and buttermilk/black pepper cornbread.
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My dinner is also beans. DH calls them beans charra. I have beans de la olla (beans in a pot) frozen in 4 oz containers. I take two of those, heat and mix with salsa fresca, diced toms, diced onion,and cilantro. I cook corn tortillas over the flame to eat with it.
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We are having left overs from last nights bbq. Potato salad, green salad, asparagus, steak, and stuff.
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roast chicken, macn'cheese and green salad. I've got my 2 year-old and 2 month-old granddaughters visiting. Nothing complicated that can't be held or reheated, kiddie schedules being variable. That said, I'm having a blast. My daughter and her husband are such nerds, I've got the 2 year-old yelling at the football games. Go Ohio State #1! and viva the grandkids!
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That's funny lxxf, calling your daughter and SIL nerds. Now you have to tell us WHY they're nerds
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We had that wonderful Sausage, Mushroom and Mustard Greens (I used spinach) quiche from Issue 56. Served with a green salad and boy did that hit the spot!!!

Our recent episode required something "fairly" light and it's a winner.
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They don't believe in television except as a vehicle to watch movies. I'm a big football fan so I was watching the game and I tend to get excited and yell and cheer my team on. I had the two-year old saying "Go Chawey (Charlie)". They get all their information from the net - I still like hard copies and TV news. I didn't mean that in any disparaging way. I am jealous that they know how to use their cell phones, I use mine so seldomly that I forget how to retrieve stored numbers and to use some of the other features it has.
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We're in Pt. Townsend on the beach and during a stroll thru town yesterday we saw that The Departed (Departure?) was playing at the local theatre. So, at four we were in line and got home about 7:30 to a trailer that smelled wonderful. I had put some chili in the slow cooker in the a.m. and oh boy, was that nice to come home to.

For dessert we pigged out on two humongeous Peanut Butter Choc. Chip & Nut cookies we picked up at the Farmers Market.

We spent too much money going from one little fun shop to another yesterday, so today we'll just walk the beach and I'll beat his a$$ at Cribbage and Sequence...
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