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Roxanne mentioned in a previous post that not very many reviews were written about the recipes in Weeknight Menus. Since I have just recently received WM as well as Splendid Soups, I was wondering if some of you would review some of these for me, even if it's just a thumbs up. Thanks everybody! Happy Holidays!


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Hi Mare,
We did Fish Tacos with slaw, very good! Did Breaded Pork Chops the other night with Half Moon Salad, also yummy. Not sure if we've done any others, I'll browse it and see if that jogs my memory.
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Thanks Cis, those are both recipes that I am anxious to try, so I appreciate it.


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Here are my reviews-- I have made all of the following with results good enough to make a again and again!!!

Orange piccata chicken--9 Rice and peas--7
Cordon bleu chicken with almond couscous--10
don't care for couscous so made rice using the basic
couscous recipe
Mushroom pork marsala with buttered fettucine--10
Breaded pork chops with bacon dressing slaw--9 (DH did not like the slaw but I thought it was quite tasty)
Bacon cider pork with sweet potatoes--9
Cajun shrimp with fettucine--10 VERY RICH!!
White fish tacos with cabbage slaw---surprised by this--9
Shrimp kebabs with creamed corn--8
Crusted snapper with sauteed spinach--10
Orange glazed salmon with home-style fries--9
Roasted halibut with pesto butter--10
Tuna and avocado salsa--6--disappointed (could have been the tuna steaks I had but not too sure about that)
Buttermilk Nicoise salad--9--pleasantly surprised with this

Deviled roasted potatoes--9
Spinach saute--10
Brown butter beans--10

I compare the dishes I prepare with our all time favorite C@H recipe--Beef Wellington. Not much can match that dish!! Hope this encourages you to do more so that we have more substantial critiques coming along---
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Thank you Roxanne! Those are all recipes that I will be trying. The tuna recipe didn't sound like something I would try anyway. We do tuna with just a simple marinade, then onto the outdoor grill. Will be doing the breaded pork chops this week. Tomorrow is duck!


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