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I recently purchased an oven with an infrared gas broiler. I gave it a shot this weekend with some rib eyes and, though they came out 7-8/10 I was hoping for some cooking advice.
1. How far away should the meat be from the broiler (e.g. in the flame or inches away)? In the flame i got a nice seer, but inches away did not seem to do much.
2. Should the door be open when cooking? Is all the smoke expected (have a good vent for this).
3. Is all the splattering throughout the oven expected?
4. Do you find it better to sear the steaks on the range and then finish using the broiler or using the oven?
5. The IR broiler says it gets to 1800F. How long should it take for a 1-1.5 inch steak to cook? How often do you flip it? Do you expect to get a good crust on the outside?

Thanks all.
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I wish I had a salamander

BTW Welcome to the boards. The device didn't have any recipes to go with it to give you a guideline?

What brand is it if I may ask? Dacor, Viking, Wolf etc?

I've never used one to 'cook' with but heat it up quickly, melt cheeses, brown or crust etc.
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What the HECK is an infrared broiler and how is it supposed to be different from the usual?
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"4. Do you find it better to sear the steaks on the range and then finish using the broiler or using the oven?"

I choose #4!! Have never used a broiler for steaks or really any cooking at all.

I pan sear my steaks in a cast iron skillet over screaming hot heat - usually just sear real well on one side (called the presentation side), turn over for maybe just a minute and put the skillet in a 450 - 500 F. oven for just 3-5 min. depending on how you like them cooked. I remove from oven at 122F. for rare,which we prefer. ~125-128F for med. rare and I wouldn't cook a steak more than that, except under duress... Let it sit for 5 minutes tented lightly with foil and the residual cooking will bring it up to what you want.

Oh, and beforehand, I just rub the steaks with a little veggie oil and sprinkle with s&p. The above is how I cook a "good" steak so there is no need for marinades, tenderizers, flavors, my opinion.

Lesser quality steaks is what I play with with marinades, etc. just a personal choice.

Have fun with your new stove and/or oven!!
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