I got stolen :(
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Yep seems my dear, dear hubby did something on eBay and some thieves stole or hacked into my email account. From there they got into my Paypal account and transferred thousands of dollars out of my account to theirs. Oh but it gets so much worse.

With the access to Paypal they now had access to my Master card, and my Visa, ran up thousands on bids through eBay and destroyed my credit rating. Amazon was the next target a another several thousand dollars of business there.

Up next Target and my Target charge card.

I will say B of A stepped up the plate and worked with us all thru the weekend to get everything resolved and Amazon and Target the same.

I am still having issues with Paypal and eBay. Mainly sellers who says I did buy stuff and owe them money. I went down to the local police station and have filed a report. So each time a new seller shows up demanding money I email them a copy of my claim on file with ebay and a copy of the police report.

This whole thing will blow over and eventually things will get back to normal, it's just I feel so violated. The worst of the worst is I am a systems manager. I protect our company daily from these types of attacks. And yet one weak moment in my husband and next thing you know I'm a victim.

Talk about a learning experience. I hope none of you EVER have to go thru this. I want to remind everyone to change their passwords often. Run anti-virus software often along with spyware. Also if you have IE 7.0 installed make sure the 'phishing' feature is activated.

Billy I am so glad to hear Fredia is doing better. I just read thru that post and so sorry to hear of what all you've been going thru. **hugs**
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Wow, Denise, that's just awful! I am so sorry you had to go through all that...I hope it all blows over soon. Thank you so much for the warning/advice.
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Well, isn't it nice to see the Christmas spririt is alive and well!!! This is just a crappy situation, Denise!

I've never changed my password 'cause I know I'll forget it immediately!!!?????
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Denise, that's really awful. I hope it's all resolved very soon. Thank you for telling us about this. This is pretty scary, I use ebay all the time.


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Oh Denise! Oh Denise! Oh Denise!

I am so sorry. What a miserable weekend you had and I'm sure this will continue for awhile.

We can only hope they are inexperienced hackers and will be tracked down. (I'm talking like I know something about computers)

My mouth is agape. I can't even begin to know how you feel.

If they were ordering off ebay, couldn't they be tracked down by an address since the items have to be sent somewhere.

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How unspeakably painful Denise, almost like someone murdered part of you. I am very very sorry someone did this to you, it is truly foul.
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I've been security conscious lately. I gave my husband a paper shredder for Christmas (among other things) and he thought I was crazy. But we must all be careful. Last month someone tried to use our amex card for online purchases and they were right on top of it. We had used the card at a restaurant two days previously and someone must've swiped it or copied the number. Good luck getting your affairs back to normal.
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Two years ago, a sales clerk stole my credit card. What they didn't know was it was a new cc that I had given to my sister to use. She only used it once and even knew the clerks name.

Man the police were all over Anthony and he's in jail. I know all the crapola that I went through for 1 credit card so I truely understand your problem. Mine X 200. How miserable.

Please spay and neuter your pets.
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Keep your fingers crossed. I've decided to go on the hunt. I took the information the person used and since most thieves always sprinkle a bit of their truth into their lies I found an email address. So using my other trash account I emailed them acting like I was one of the sellers on ebay and that I could ***** the items they had inquired about and that I just needed some additional information to verify the shipping address for costs etc and that I'm so sorry this email is late and the gifts won't arrive before Christmas that I'm willing to pay for expedited shipping...blah blah.

They responded!! I have since called the police and told them that the person who stole my information is responding to me because they think I'm one of the sellers they were using my acct to buy from.

Let's hope that nab this person!

It's interesting, someone mentioned a shredder and I have one of those. I shred all bank account records that get mailed to me, or those "You're pre-approved for a low loan amount..". But no one 'shreds' information on their pc's. I wish I was a programmer then I could write a program and call it eShredder. It would daily go in a scrub your machine of user names and passwords.


It could have been so much worse. It could also have been so much better if I hadn't had such a hard time with Earthlink. The theives did their work within 2 hours. Earthlink took over 2 hours to get their end resolved; what with terminal hold, disconnected, me calling back, terminal hold and then finally getting a guy I could barely understand because his accent was so thick.

Due diligence folks! Due Diligence!
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Oh, my, Denise, you don't deserve this! (Who does?) I'm glad to see you're all over it, but this is the last thing you needed right now.

Thanks for the words to the wise-I'm sure we'll all be more careful now.

Please try to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Take care,


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