New Year's Dinner?
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I'm starting out the new year by making one of my family's favorite dinners -

Ham with maple syrup & o.j. baste
Mac and cheese
Monkey Bread
Pink Salad (if I get ambitious)
haven't decided on dessert yet - something with no leftovers!!!

What are you all having to start out the year??
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  Re: New Year's Dinner? by cjs (I'm starting out the...)
We're having a simple dinner:

Baked fried chicken
-mashed potatos and gravy
-green beans w/ toasted almonds
-black eyed pies, of course
-I'm going to try one of the many new roll recipes that I've been collecting
-and if either of us wants dessert, there's a choice of 5 flavor Lifesaver popsicles, banana popsicles or fudgesicles, in the freezer.

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  Re: Re: New Year's Dinner? by Half_Baked (We're having a simpl...)
Fried rice [my style] or butterflied stuffed pork chops or leftovers Nothing special.
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  Re: New Year's Dinner? by cjs (I'm starting out the...)
We are having BBQ Ribs, black-eye peas, collard greens and potato salad and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Passion Fruit punch. That's all!!!
What is pink dessert?

Happy New Year to all
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He's working tonight, so I'm hoping the Chefs throw some scraps my way!!!

One of the mains on the menu is a trio of game sausage. He commandeered my pheasant legs and thighs, boned them out, added some foie gras and truffle. I tried it yesterday, and I'm REALLY hoping they throw some of that my way!
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  Re: Re: New Year's Dinner? by Lorraine (He's working tonight...)
We're doing appy's!

Cheese ball
Jean's Bacon Crisps
Proscuitto wrapped shrimp
Escargot with foccacia to sop up that snail butter and
some pigs in a blanket for my sweet Sabastian!

Should be yummy!
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  Re: Re: New Year's Dinner? by Bizymomma (We're doing appy's![...)
We had an early dinner so we could enjoy our appys tonight. Mr HB gets his sweet and sour meatballs, pigs n blankets, shrimp and a cheeeball.

He gets to pick the NYE treats and this is what he settled on.

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  Re: Re: New Year's Dinner? by Half_Baked (We had an early dinn...)
Tomorrow we're having pork roast, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, baked apples and homemade bread. Same thing every year! Hubbie loves it and has had it every year since he was a kid.


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  Re: New Year's Dinner? by cjs (I'm starting out the...)
I think I'm going to do a pork wellington, with some roasted sweets, baby peas (yes, he must have them at every meal), roasted parsnips for me (just love 'em) and fresh croissants. Peanut butter fudge for dessert, anyone? Oh, and some sort of sauce for the pork-probably a sage butter sauce.

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  Re: Re: New Year's Dinner? by pjcooks (I think I'm going to...)
This year we're going to do something different. While we watch football we're going to have artichoke bruschetta and a 7-layer Mediterranean Dip. For dinner my wife always wants a cabbage dish, so were going to have Cabbage Stew with Pork and Okra Pancakes.

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