Coating Cake Pans
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New magazine recommends coating cake pans with sugar instead of flour. Which kind of sugar--granulated or powdered?
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My vote is granulated---but why is that a recommendation now? Since time immemorial it has been butter and flour and then progressed to spray---extra sugar and calories? I suppose a sweet tooth would appreciate this new idea.
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And add this to the mix:

Maida Heatter reccomends buttering the pan, line w/parchment, buttering that, and sprinkling with fine, dry bread crumbs. (Maida Heatter's Cakes)

I've never tried using sugar. I would think the sugar would melt into a gooey mess, but maybe not. I have used very finely ground nuts instead of flour when compatible w/the cake (pecans w/a German choc, or walnuts w/a spice, for example).

If you try using sugar, let us know how it turned out, as well as what kind of cake you made. I'm just too busy to play these days!!

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Pugget - welcome to C@H forum - great to see another new 'face' around here!!

hmmm, I've used cocoa for a chocolate cake and flour for lighter cakes - the last few years just parchment paper with not oiling. But sugar? I would think it would caramelize also, but what the hey, who would know better than Maida Heatter????
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This is the email I got from one of the Editors.

Regular granulated sugar works fine when greasing and coating cake

Happy baking!


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In Germany (when I was there years ago), the pans for cakes, 'pies', pastries etc. were all coated with large sugar crystals instead of flour. It gave a great light crunch to the bottom. I have a sweet tooth so everyone may not enjoy it.

Welcome Pugett! Glad you found the site!

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I have never used sugar. I've always sprayed the bottom with cooking spray, lined the bottom with a piece of parchment paper (taking care it does not go up the sides) and spraying again with cooking spray. Works great!
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I replied w/out a welcome! Twenty lashes for me with a wet noodle...

I'll have to try this, after you do, of course, and


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I used to do the butter/flour, etc., with the cake pans, but now it's Pam with Flour, works a wonder! Cakes just fall out and their is no flour residue on the sides of the cakes.
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Billy made a banana cake while he was here. It was wonderously marvelous, although he didn't care for our pans. I think they were too big. Nonetheless, since I have such weird eating habits I had it for breakfast. Supreme!!!!

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