C'mon Lorraine - What Did You Buy?????
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I had fun in Seattle also!!

WITT's (Roy's co.) Christmas party had to be postponed because of 'the storm' so it was held Friday (1/12) in Bellevue - dinner terrible. It was held at an Italian chain that I'd not heard of before, Maggiano's Little Italy. Only one dish passable they served a hot artichoke dip that was tasty.

But, on Saturday we went to Pike Place Market and The Spanish Table and spent the kid's inheritance!! What fun.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
1600 Pike Place (across st.)
Blank Slate Tapenade cheese - a soft, fresh farmer's cheese with a mixture of gr/blk/kalamata olives, garlice and lots of herbs and spices.
6 oz. / $5.75 (have brochure) Beecherscheese.com
What a wonderful selection of cheeses - first stop so had to watch the sheckles and bot only one (the tapenade), but they also had a Blank Slate Honey. It was a hard choice.

La Buona Tavola
(truffle Café Specialty Foods)
1524 pike Place (across st.)
Three Pack-
Truffle & Salt
Mushroom-truffle pate
Acacia Honey & Truffle

Trader Joe’s
Belletoile - Brie Triple Cream - wonderful
Castello Blue – real creamy/delicious
Tortellini w/pesto filling – 1 lb. (had for dinner when we got home mixed with a little capers, kalamatas, parm and some of the Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta.)
Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper soup (2) (had a cup of this also for dinner, very good flavor! sprinkled with goat cheese)
Creamy Corn & Roasted Red Pepper Soup (1)
Spinach & Chive linguine – 8 oz.
Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta
Rst’d Red Pepper Artichoke Tapenade
7 bottles wine –
Bears’ Lair Cab - $4.99 (Napa)Falcon Ridge Lodi Zin ’04 - $5.99
Chariot Gypsy ’03 Red -7.99 (American Canyon, CA)
Barefoot Zin (Modesto) – 4.99 Barefootwine.com
Trader Joe’s Chilean Collection, Merlot – 3.49 Central Valley, CA
Haywood ’03 Merlot - $4.99 (Geyserville) haywoodwinery.com
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo ’05, Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Italian – 4.99

The Spanish Table – Food & Wine from Spain & Portugal
(Matiz Catalan) Squid Ink Pasta – Fideo
La Hacienda De Ybarra - Pimientos del Piquillo de Lodosa
(piquino peppers)
AlCaparras Capers ( big hummers)
Two Temranillo wines –
Campo Viejo, Crianza ’03, Rioja $9.99
Legaris Crianza, Ribera Del Cuero ’03 – $16.99 (Owner recommended) had with dinner tonight - great temprnello
Spanish Style Aurelia’s Chorizo, 6 oz. - $9.99
Redondo Iglesias – Dry cured Serrano Ham/
18 mos old.

Delaurenti Specialty FoodWine Store in Pike place
Fennel Crackers
Talatta Filetti di Aciughe, all’olio’di oliva – Anchovies $6.99
Bresola from Uruaguay – ¾ lb.
1 end piece $1.50/9.99 lb.
¼ lb. $5.76/ 23.99 lb.

Trying to work all of these goodies into a 'healthy regime' in eating for the next couple months will be hard! But, a good challenge.

now, your turn.
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  Re: C'mon Lorraine - What Did You Buy????? by cjs (I had fun in Seattle...)
Jean, that sounds wonderful!!

OK, here goes:

We had planned an evening with the family ( apps only) for Saturday night. That morning, some of the family picked Gil and I up, and took us to the Atwater Market in Montreal. It has to be one of the original markets there. My parents used to go in the 40's when they first moved to Montreal. I do have pictures, just have to figure out how to either post them, or email them to Billy so he can.

The first place we saw, was a dessert and bread place. I have never in my life seen pastries like that. First was a counter full of cakes, round, square, oblong, big chocolatey pointy things sticky out of some. They all looked incredible. Then a counter of individual pastries, of which I wanted to buy one of each. My nephew's wife surprised us by buying one, and it was spectacular. Layers upon layers of very thin cake with buttercream in between, and beautifully decorated. Gil and I snaffled a large piece to take back to the hotel! Then the breads. By this time my mind was boggles, and we had only been there 1/2 an hour!

On to the Tourtiere Lady. These are traditional Quebec pork pies, except she had some with venison, others with bison. As well as little turnovers, some with the tourtiere mixture, some with shrimp. I bought 2 dozen of each. Too bad I left the shrimp ones in the oven a tad too long, they were a bit dry.

The Sausage Man I could have spent an hour there. They were all house made, any meat, any herb you can possibly imagine. My sister bought about 8 pounds total of various ones. I never did get to try any, though.

Cheese Oh my. Not 1, not 2, but 3 different stores with nothing but cheeses. Gil and I started walking through them, picking up each cheese, looking at them, then decided, heck, just pick up what looks interesting and put it in the basket. There were two in particulare we were looking for as we had had them the night before in the wine bar. (More on that menu later) Valbert, and Pied de Vent, bth Artisinal Quebec cheeses. They were incredible. He picked up one we had never seen, Rocchetta, a blend of cow, sheep and goats milk. Gil described it as a sloppy gooppy runny cheese. We were going to take it to my neice's Saturday night, but once we tried it, kept it for ourselves, and even brought the leftovers back to Toronto. :embarassed" That's how good it was.

Then the Italian store. Arancini, bigger than I've ever seen, bigger than a tennis ball. She graciously gave us samplings, and we ended up buying 6 of each. Wild mushroom, fresh thyme in a bechamel sauce, and the more traditional mozz and tomato. I heated them up at my neices, and ended up cutting them into 8ths. We did snaffle 2 to take back to the hotel. :grin

But, the piece de resistance. The French store!!!!! Gil and I could have spent hours in there. They make all their own sausages, pates, terrines etc. So, here's what we bought. I can't remember what they were all stuffed with, but darn they were good. And, once she knew we were buying, samples were very forthcoming.

Terrine of Goose with Apple and Calvados
Confit de Canard, a really rough kind of mixture that was great
Terrine of Pheasant with I can't remember what, have to ask Gil
Another goose one with trufles in it
A confit of duck leg and thigh, all in one piece. You wanted to pick up the bone and knaw on it.

Ballontines. One of Pheasant done with pistachio and cranberries, I can't remember what the quail one was done with ( Jean, I forgot my notebook!, and I was too excited to even think to write things down) They were not the traditional ballotines that I have seen that are rectangular, these were rolled into balls. Well, in hindsight, how big is a quail? LOL When I heated them and cut them, you got a wedge of meat, with the filling in the centre. Absolutley spectacular.

My most favorite were the Confit Quail Legs (with the thigh). Again, quals aren't big, so a few bites and it was gone!!!! I think a package of 6 cost me $10.00 CAD. I heated them up a bit, and when we pulled them out of the ovem, Gil and I each tried one. We looked at each other, and decided we were keeping them for ourselves. Unfortunatley, my sister came in, and we had to give her one. LOL We wrapped the others to take back to the hotel.

Needless to say, out midnight snack was absolutey fabulous. Cheese, pates, terrines, great bread, dessert. No wonder we want to go back!
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Oh Lorraine, that just sounds wonderful - what a fun trip to the market!!

Just printed this out - it'll help with getting him to agree to a trip SOON!
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I do believe my bro-in-law now....he is a meteorologist born in Green Bay, started his career in Chicago. When he first moved here to Arkansas,...he called it "the arm pit of America." Seeing what you guys have access to....makes me agree!! LOL
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WOW WEE WOO!!! What a time you both had.

Well, if I feel well enough, I'm going to the grocery store on Saturday to buy some staples!

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oh Lorraine, Montreal isn't so very far from NNY. Please, if you get a moment, write the street names so we can look for the same stores. Our dear friends from Ottawa will love to accompany us on such a trip. Drooling now!!!
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OK, will do . I'll give directions, but it's just one big building!!! And actually, not that big! Here is the hotel we stayed at. The rooms look exactly as they do online. Wine and Cheese from 5-7pm daily, and a full breakfast. But, I'm trying to review the Wine Bar, hope I don't get kicked out again.


OK, never done that before. You may have to cut and paste.
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Lolly, my little chickadee, I've got $250.00 in savings already toward my week or so in Toronto/Montreal. Better start saving girl!
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What's the color after green????
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CIS, here's a link for the Jean Talon Market. Jean, may want to show this to Roy!!!


The Atwater Market is located at 138 Atwater. The closest Metro station would be Lionel-Groulx.
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