How To Make Roxanne Smile
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So, this past fall was very damp. all the neighbours have lots of mice in the house. We don't, probably due to having two cats. Saturday night I was having a biotch of a time on the pc, couldn't do anything. So , here is our conversation Sunday morning.

Him I think the mouse is dead.

Me Great what did you do with it?

Him It's upstairs

Me What do you mean? You left it upstairs?

Him What did you want me to do with it? It's dead!!

Me Take it downstaires and throw it in the garbage. I don't want the cats playing with a dead mouse.

Him What are you talking about?? They can't play with it!!

Me They'll eat the head off it and get sick! Get it out of there!!

Him Lorraine, get a grip, it's the computer mouse!!!!
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Good Lord Lolly! Next you'll tell us you jumped up on the counter, raised your skirts above your knees shrieking all the time..."Eeek, a mouse, kill it, kill it, Eeek a mouse!"
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Thanks Lorraine---really needed that!!!

I really hate those little buggers---we live in an area that fortunately doesn't allow them to thrive. We have tons of spiders though---how on earth they get in sure beats the heck outta me!!! But I'm bigger than they are sooo they don't have a chance-----murderer that I am!!!!
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That is tooo funny!

I just cringe when I see those long bald tails...and people that have rats for pets!!! They should be institutionalized.

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While I was down on my hands and knees today scrubbing floors (sigh) I was thinking about you all---nice, huh???

I forgot that I didn't mention a little tidbit from this end of the world----

We have a suburb of CapeTown by the name of Seapoint. It is one of the oldest settled areas since the City was born by those seamen of old. There are tons of restaurants and apartment buildings there and is basically the area to be in 24 hours a day if you need 'anything'---I will not be more explicit than that except to add the color red.

Anyway, point of the story----they have rats there that are the size of large cats/small dogs----major infestation a few years ago but still there because the pickings are good------needless to say, we don't go there very often but they have the BEST bagel shop anywhere in this country----thank goodness the area is at least 45 minutes away-but still on the Atlantic seaboard---major area for tourists!!!
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