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I thought this was cute and forwarded to my friends here for a bit of food entertainment. Daughter is the media relations person for this outfit and I find it interesting as to what comes out of this particular Chef's imagination. This was literally dictated while he was driving from an oil change (the car, folks---) to his establishment.

Love Food Number 9

(Scottsdale, AZ) - Who needs Cupid’s arrow when we’ve got food! Aphrodisiacs have been around as a way to increase sex appeal, and a partner’s libido, since men and women discovered each other. Sure, potions and spells have their place, but there’s no better way to get your honey humming than to turn to succulent morsels, pleasing to the eye and the mouth.

Chef James Porter of Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar has his own “Love Food Number 9” list. It’s his favorite aphrodisiacs that can be used in countless dishes. He uses them in his cooking all year round, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, this is the ultimate “Go-To” list. Most people eat these foods all the time and love them, so why not match them up and create your own “Number 10” with that special someone??

Number 1: Ginger
Asians use it medicinally to get blood flowing. It’s an easy way to warm up the coldest sushi.
Try it with Toro (a fatty tuna)

Number 2: Asparagus
Eating this vegetable for three days supposedly gives the best effect. The manly shape says it all.
Try it poached in orange juice.

Number 3: Pine Nuts
Loaded with zinc, it’s a key ingredient to maintain potency in men.
Make a pine-nut pesto to top grilled anything.

Number 4: Arugula
Peppery and with a bite, it’s been a favorite aphrodisiac since 1 AD.
Mix some arugula and spinach, and toss with extra virgin olive oil and lemon.

Number 5: Licorice
Did you know it’s 50 times sweeter than sugar?
Try some “Sweet Vines” out of the box (or you can grill some fennel!)

Number 6: Honey
Sweetens even the sourest of ingredients, and temperaments! Always helps any couple stick together.
Dip some strawberries in honey for a tasty treat.

Number 7: Figs
Sexy in their own right when split in half, this juicy fruit has its claim to fame as the instigator of Adam and Eve’s first night.
Split some figs and spread with goat cheese.

Number 8: Chocolate
Filled with anti-oxidants and caffeine like substance, it was once a currency and coveted by tribes and traders.
Try it with… Are you kidding?

Number 9: Oysters
They’re said to resemble the inner beauty of a woman. And, they’re extremely high in protein.
Make some oysters topped with caviar… also known as “Diamonds and Pearls”

Number 10: Chef James Porter’s Love Food Favorite!

Chef James Porter’s Chilled Oysters with
Orange & Honey Scented Asparagus and Caviar

Serves 2

12 each Fanny Bay Oysters in the shell
1 bunch white asparagus
4 cups orange juice
½ cup pure raw Arizona honey
1 ounce of Sevruga caviar
salt & pepper to taste

Shuck oysters and cover with a damp paper towel and put in the refrigerator. In medium sized pot, add the orange juice and honey and bring to a quick simmer. Add the asparagus and take off the heat and let sit five minutes. Remove from the pan and chill in the fridge. Remove oysters and cut asparagus into tiny 1 inch pieces, put 3 pieces on top of each oyster, add about 1 tablespoon of the chilled poaching liquid and then top with caviar.

Get ready for some action, baby!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chef James Porter
Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar
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THat really is cute! That chef seems very interesting and I bet he's alot of fun.

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that's funny

speaking of Valentine's day, has anyone thot of dinner for that day?? We will be in Tulare, CA (the armpit of the nation) for Valentine's day again this year with a whole group of neanderthals. Yippee, another 'love day' spent amongst the farm euipment...
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I'm trying to get through the next TWO WEEKS, Jean. Valentine's Day is not even on my radar screen yet---Mom will be here so I think I will have her choose--she has been alone for way too long!! I just hope it's not hamburg and cabbage Those are Polish roots that she absolutely loves.

James is a LOT of fun, Jan---he may be a SIL (HOPEFULLY---FINALLY) one of these years!!!
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Valentine's Day is our anniversary Jean, and James always plans something special out. Sometimes I think I'd like to do a fancy menu at home, but I don't want to squelch his planning fun. This year tho' we've decided to have a special dessert waiting at home. So if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears
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Ooooh, one can never be served too many Pavlovas in a heart shape.

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LOL---NO WAY!!!!!!!
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Ok, so Pavlovas, I had to look it up. Here's one for chocolate
Is this the right thing? How to make them look heart shaped, any ideas?
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You could make the base meringue and set into heart molds--or be a little more creative and mold according to a heart shape on the parchment paper rather than a circle---size according to what your desire is. I haven't made a chocolate version but sure looks interesting!!! Let us know what you create and the result!!!!
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