Honey, I'm Home!
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Fredia and I are home until around Feb 6th when we will return to Portland for a CAT scan and the third round of chemo. The CAT scan is to determine if this variety of chemo is doing its job.

She is slowly regaining some strength and ability to eat since they've given her anti-nausea pills. I keep trying to stuff rich, calory-laden things down her throat, but she growls at me and tells me to leave her alone and she'll eat when she's ready . Must be getting better.
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Billy, that's so nice to hear! If she's growling, that's a good thing!

Glad you are back home.

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Glad to hear she's home, Billy! (especially since Ive been phoning every day and there's no ansmwer!) Make her chicken and dumplings!
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that's good news Billyj, hope she improves quite steadily
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I took care of my father, who was given six months in February 2001, - he made it to July 2004. We moved in with him and I cooked all his favorite foods, but I was also admonished by his doctors that lack of appetite is part of the disease and I shouldn't push too hard.

Leonard's favorite wiener stew

1 lb wieners
1 lb potatoes
1/2 lb onions
2 T butter
2 T flour
1 cup water or broth

Saute the onions in the butter till soft, add the flour, cook and stir a few minutes, and the paprika and then the liquid. Add the wieners in 1" chunks and the potatoes quartered and simmer until the potatoes are tender.

I'm almost ashamed to post this on this forum, but I had to make this once a week, and we could afford to eat pretty much anything. This recipe comes from a leaner (wiener) time. You can dress is up by using fancier sausages. Maybe we should start a thread about really cheap tasty meals.
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Sounds like comfort food to me, bc! Thanks.
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YAY Billy. That's the best news I've heard in forever. Give Fredia our love.

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My favorite all time meal is slow cooked pinto beans, a cast iron skillet baked cornbread, and CANNED..yes, canned spinach with pepper sauce. I've always joked with my family, telling them that if I were to ever be on death row..(LOL) that would be my last meal request. I was brought up on that meal alone. Everytime I went to visit grandma (in her good years)..there in the crockpot, waiting for me was a batch of slow cooked pinto beans with ham bone. ohhh..and fried taters! Being from Arkansas, I think just about everyone had this meal at least once or twice a week. It was extremely cheap and it filled the tummy. It warms my heart to think how good it tastes. Grandma always told me that Papa requested a pot of beans, cornbread, and chocolate cake everynight when they first married...she was 15. I guess that's why her's tasted "out of this world" good...plenty of experience!
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Grreat news Billy - and won't it be nice to be in your own bed(s) again for a while!!

Billy, Lorraine, Jan, Sharon - doesn't the turn of this thread remind you of something??? favorite old, inexpensive family dishes.....
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I think I have a cookbook somewhere....
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