Irritates the Heck Out of Me!
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I ordered my Cuisinart Food Processor discs on Wednesday the 24th to be delivered by Friday the 26th. I waited all day with bated breath and my processor on the counter. Today I checked on my order only to find out it had been backordered. If they had notified me of this, I would have accepted it, not happily, but ok. Being as they didn't [this was a big order for me...close to $200], I emailed them and canceled my order. I'll get them somewhere else. I will followup on Monday with a phone call to insure the order was canceled.
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...sitting there all day waiting to play and not a toy to play with...I'd be irritated also.
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I'd be really aggravated also, Beej. Seems like when you ordered it you should have gotten an email that it was back ordered.

I'd cancel my order, too. Too many other places to buy them.

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That's the beauty of living in a country with competition!!! I would definitely have canceled also, Billy. There are other companies out there hungry for your business!!! Good on ya---
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I've got my 2 granddaughters here, age 2.3 and 5 months. We are busy, busy, busy. The older one's idea of good dinner is steak, or hot dogs and peas and mac n cheese. The little one is still on the boob but we're going to start her on solid food next week after we get settled in Chile. I'm the last one up, and I don't know if I'll be able to post/read much until after I get back in March. Take care.
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My goodness, you really are on the move. The happiest of landings to you and your family.
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I am sorry for your disappointment Billy, those ratty people should be left way behind. Do as the others say, dump them. We cannot do that here, but Sus and I have written some truly stinky hilarious letters in the past, and we take the file out now and then, and read them to each other. This always involves a bottle of red wine, and the answerphone. It may be a working afternoon misspent, and it only happens rarely, but I think it is an afternoon wellspent. We laugh more than anyone has a right to, and plan more literary mischief as we go along.

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