This is just great :(
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Denise you just worked the Academy Awards! What are you going to do now?!!

I'm going to get a communicable disease!!

Yes I just got the call. Apparently I am at risk and listed as high exposure.

For those that are clueless here...seems there was a Chef who works at Wolfgang Puck Catering who has Hepatitus A and is undergoing treatment. At first the word was only those who worked Feb 3-20th and the Sports Illustrated gig only were exposed.

Lastest update is this chef was there on Wed the 21 and Thur the 22nd and I worked with him. And yes we all ate the food.

So for lunch today I was going to go shoe shopping for Dansko or Sanita clogs..but lo and behold those plans were changed for me. I got to go to the doctor's office for blood tests and then to the health department for IGM shot and then I have to get the vaccine.

I have lost my externship As I am not allowed to work in teh food industry for 28 days after the shot is given.

The school is in a tizzy right now because they have never had a situtation like this. They have no contingency plan for us. And 2 of the students who were there are still in school and now they can't work with food at all during class.

What a mess!
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Oh my! Who is the person responsible for letting this person cook for this event???

I am so sorry. I am speechless.
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When I worked as a waitress in college, we had to have several shots before being able to work with food. Whatever happened to that...I guess it was the same group that let people have hair that's not pulled back or put up.

I do hope you are fine. Is Hep A affected by the gamma globulin shot? What a horrible pickle everyone is in that worked there. I'm so sorry that a black cloud hangs over the joy you had before.

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Oh Denise, I am soooo sorry! You must be crushed. I wish there was something comforting to say to you, but sadly, there just isn't much that's going to make you feel better right now. Please keep us posted as to what happens next and take good care.


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Denise, after all your hard work and dedication, I can't believe this is happening to you. Obviously, someone wasn't paying attention somewhere, and now you have to pay the price (as well as the students ). I can't understand why this wasn't a priority.
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Oh no! I feel so badly for you!

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I heard this last night one the news and thought of you immediately, hoping you were okay. Seemed like a definite lack of consideration for others to me.
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darn it Denise - I was so afraid you might have gotten caught up in that mess!!!! I'm sure Wolfgang and whoever you were going to do your externship with will help in any way they can - just keep what's happening to you in their faces, nicely of course...but, don't let them forget you.
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Darn it Denise! Find out who it was and have your hubby [or do it yourself] slap the living poop out of them!
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Oh Denise, I am so very sorry. What a calamity that such a thing should strike at you (and your companions). And naturally until this thing is resolved, your family too. Wolfgang Puck must be tearing his hair out, who know how cross contamination can travel, sometime on the most chance thing. Is it possible that any of the food was eaten by the guests?

There was a similar thing here, at a Terribly Important Rugby dinner, some guests were served asian oysters, because there were not enough local, and they got sick. Oh dear. 'nuff said.

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