So what happened?
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Tried to get online here yesterday afternoon, and instead of this, I got a lot of messages about the site getting too many messages etc etc etc. When I still couldn't get on this morning, I popped over to Discuss Cooking and found Billy, Jan and Jean. I emailed them, they must have thought I was tipping the bottle too much if they had no problems and I did. Was I the only one? It really looked like someone bombarded this board.

Am I crazy? Wish now I had saved a copy of that lengthy list of error messages.

Anyone have a clue?

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No PJ, I was having the problem also. Had it here and at MembersPlus. Still, I wondered about that bottle
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I had the same problem but I haven't been on DC today to get your message, sorry.

If I couldn't get on this evening, I was going to start emailing around. I was afraid that the forum had been shut down.

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Me too. No luck last night or earlier today. Glad it is back up and running - I was going through serious withdrawls!
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Ha ha, Billy

The warning page was still on my browser, so I copied it. Felt like Robot from Lost in Space got into my computer.

I was on Sewing World when it went down, and it started with little things, strange messages, threads disappearing, then one day it was just gone. I don't understand why anyone would want to hack a site such as that and this one, well I guess I do, some people find it fun to know they have the power to affect so many people with a few keystrokes.

Someone in the know at Sewing World recognized what was going on, and started to set up a contingency plan, a place to go if knocked off line.

Anything here? (and Billy, my 1st email to you {which I edited} regarding this sounded like I was asking you for a clandestine meeting)

Glad we're back.

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I had the same problem as everyone else, so I copied the warning page and sent it to the contact us messenger. It looks like they are up and running again. Maybe it was just site maintenance.

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Whew!! Amazing how fast withdrawals set in.....

Sorry I missed your email - but since I feel D.C. is so unfriendly, I never (rarely) even look up at any msgs. having been sent.
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