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If you haven't experienced the new Windows Vista, you'll just love it....NOT! I started with Windows 95, switching to Millineum wasn't too bad, then switching to XP wasn't too hard either, but Vista is a whole new ball game! Nothing works like it used to. To install MasterCook 9 and make it work took me an entire day. I couldn't make the new Windows Mail program work with Outlook Express, MSN, hotmail email programs, I had to come up with a new email address. Thank goodness I got a new one when I switched to wireless. I still have all those old email addy's on the other two computers so will continue using them. What a royal pain in the patootie!
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Jeeze Billy - you're taking me back here - I remember DOS, Windows 3, 95 98 ME (horrible)2000 2000 Professional, then XP pro. (miserable upgrade that was)! I'm not moving! Ever! I'm done!

I'm going to have to put my internet satellite dish & modem for sale - can't install them on a tile roof. Shucks! Don't know what we're going to do when we move!
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I lived in the "Silicon Valley" area of California in the early 80's and got into computers earlyon.
My first computer was an Apple IIe with a dot matrix printer. Soon I upgraded to a PC with DOS and paid extra to get the large 20mb hard drive. I switched to Windows as soon as it became available. Way more upgrades than I care to think of were to follow. I currently have a hot Dell with a flat screen monitor and a combination printer/scanner/faxer. Hope I can keep this computer and software a long time before I have to change or upgrade.
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ain't progress wonderful???

I started with a Commadore.....
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BJ, I haven't heard anyone speak fondly of Vista. I had ME and it was a devil on my computer. I do have a friend who bought his FIRST computer and it had Vista...we have no way of helping him.

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