Return of the prodigal...
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After my prophetic post influenced by imbibing the Jack Daniels instead of using it for the Whiskey Glazed Corned Beef, I decided to take a permanent, or at least a long-term, break from posting. Receiving emails from several of the nice people on this board caused me to reconsider. Apparently the comic relief on the board dropped too low while I was absent.

Brisket III:
Since I wanted lots of leftovers, I purchased a flat cut brisket and a tip cut brisket. I preferred the flat cut - better shape for slicing, and I thought the flat cut had better texture and less fat. I made the corned beef plain and with the glaze. People didn't find the glaze objectionable, but didn't think it added a whole lot either. Made the CAH Reuben Hushpuppies and they were excellent! Also had a couple of good Reuben Sandwiches before using the remainder for corned beef hash.

A-C Update:
I've used my A-C saute pan a couple of times and love it. My saucier is still on backorder.
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Welcome back Ron, good to see you.

I had bought two briskets from our local grocery. They hadn't been trimmed and had [one still has] lots and lots of fat. It is a real pain in the patootie to trim all that fat off. I won't do that again! It's strange to see them like that. I had ordered one from a butcher shop that weighed 12+ pounds and asked him to trim all the fat off. Of course I had to pay for it before it was trimmed and it cost ~$33. After trimming it weighed about 3 1/2 pounds. At $10+ pre pound I should have had it bronzed for the mantle. Boy did that butcher get an ear full!
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Hey there Ron - welcome back. (I gotta tell you, I checked out past posts and I didn't see a one that was as "eloquent" as Lorraine and I have been known to be.... )

And she had the nerve to remind me of it not long ago...

I'm finally making the hush puppies tonite, so my review will be tomorrow a.m.

And I've finally had my fill of corned beef for another year - man, it was so good!
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Gotta do that corned beef thing----the recipes sound yummmm!!! Will have to put on hold though, DH will be leaving shortly for a six week stint in Valencia for the America's Cup finals----he will be home just in time for the fiascos to be completed (I plan accordingly!!!) and then winter will be in full bloom here!!! Perfect timing---I already have the corned beef in the freezer---

I have to review your previous dinner party recipes---have there been any??? I will attempt to make some of them while Peter is gone---I certainly have missed my kitchen!!! And you guys!!!!
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You're right Ron, we always need comic relief! I'm so glad you reconsidered, you were missed!

Roxanne, so glad you're back too. We're all waiting to hear what you've been up to!

Corned beef comments: Loved the whiskey glazed corned beef. DH said he's spoiled forever. Parsnip and yukon gold potato mash was the best. And the sweet and sour cabbage was good but way better the next day.


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Ron, I cooked both and used the flat for glazing and the point for everything else. I thought the glaze was a little too tomatoey for me. I will do this again, but I'll probaby sub a little tomato paste and a bit of sugar for the ketchup, the ketchup just screamed at me when I ate this. Still really good, though!

I didn't see anything wierd or wrong or neurotic about your post! I do trust some of the J.D. made it into the glaze?

Glad you're back.

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Oh, Maryann, I meant to add the slaw was much better w/some age!

Just like we are

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" the comic relief on the board dropped too low while I was absent."

We like comic relief. Good to see you back, Ron!!!
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Glad to see you, Ron! Lol, I can't count on all my fingers and toes the number of us that drank the 'juice' and posted while using it in the recipe. Heck, I'm surprised you even gave it a nano-second of thought!

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Oh poop..we're' suppose to COOK with the whiskey???

Well that's just great....**makes note to go buy another bottle...which leads her to think of a jello must stay focused...**

Welcome back Ron!! Let the Games Begin!! (don't ask what games I have no clue...but let's think of something just in case..)

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