Cannes Trip no More
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But I am ok with it.

After doing a lot soul searching I've opted not to go. It's a lot of money to spend, and thinking about what I would be experiencing I cannot justify the expense.

I had saved up money do a culinary business school and if I do France I can't do the other. So I had to decide which would benefit the business more.

After investing so much time and money in culinary school I had to choose the continued education.

Am I disappointed....yes. But I am at peace with my decision. Besides now I can spend 1/2 the funds, save the other half and hubby and I go together
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Denise, it sounds like you made the right decision for you. Yes, Cannes sounds very glitzy and exciting, but you're right, it would be expensive and it would be a real shame to miss out on the class you had previously mentioned, which will be invaluable to your business. And I don't blame you, I would rather go to France with my hubbie too! Keep us posted, we all love hearing about your exciting plans.


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Hard decisions have do to be made! I am disappointed for you, but......just don't think you're going to get out of being picked on for various and sundry things. That was a brave decision to make. But I can still say I knew you when!
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Oh Denise, what a hard decision that had to have been!

O.K., now to the next chapter - when do these classes start? how long do they last?

I hope ______________ (don't know hubby's name ) gave you a big hug! Good luck, sweetie!
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Would Cannes have been educational and fun? Of course. Would it have helped your new business more than the class? Probably not. Good decision.
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Plenty of time for trips to France, Denise! It's good that you will be concentrating your efforts (and $$$) on starting your business. Then, after it's established, you can take a continuing-education trip (with DH!) to Europe.

You still ROCK... !!!

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A hard decision, but in view of you business direction, I think the right one for you. No-one can take the honour of being chosen to go though, there is proof in that pudding.
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Geez, I never even contemplated that you'd have to pay for this yourself . You definately made the best decision in my opinion!

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Neither did I Jan, what an imposition, these Cannes people must think they are mighty fine people. I am betting the 'named' chefs are not paying for themselves.

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