Broccoli Sprouts!
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I've been on a sprouting kick lately and have been enjoying alfalfa sprouts. Finally found radish sprout seeds and also bought some broccoli sprout seeds after seeing this information online:

Broccoli – These sprouts were recently found to contain many times the cancer fighting compounds of broccoli as a vegetable. It has been difficult to get organically grown seed, but it's now available. Delicious mild sprouts.
-New broccoli sprout study shows benefits carry into the offspring's adulthood
Eating broccoli sprouts during pregnancy may provide your kids with life-long protection against cardiovascular disease, according to a research team led by Bernhard Juurlink at the University of Saskatchewan.

- Broccoli Packs Powerful Punch to Bladder Cancer Cells, new information from Ohio State University.
- Broccoli May Bolster Body's Defences Against Heart Disease and Stroke.
- Broccoli sprouts helpful for stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.
- The original press release on broccoli sprouts and cancer prevention.
- Now cholesterol too? A study from Japan shows that 1 cup of broccoli sprouts a day for 1 week lowers bad cholesterol, increases good.
- Broccoli sprouts may be useful to protect retina? A new study shows protection of retina in mice.


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Maryann, I've read for years about the health benefits of broccoli sprouts but have never gotten around to buying the (untreated!) seed. Perhaps this will push me a bit more?!

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Thank you for the info. I will try and get it here.
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Anxious to hear how you like the radish - I think those are my favorite!!
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Don't ya need quite an area for all the sprouts? After they sprout once and you cut them off, will they sprout again? Never tried this stuff.
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no Billy,wrong concept - you don't plant them, you rinse the radish seeds (not from a seed packet as has been said before), put them in a jar with a lid with holes punched. You then rinse them every day, keep in the frig, and they will start sprouting. When the seeds have sprouted rinse again and put in a plastic bag in the fridge - they should be used quickly.

There are other methods with p. towels, but I'll let someone who does that method tell you how it's done. I've only always done the jar. You would love them on salads, sandwiches, tacos,......
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We all grew watercress on pieces of flannel when we were kids. Of course one could get flannel then. The cut up leg of you grandfathers worn out PJs worked too.
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Billy, I have four wide mouth mason jars. You can cover the top with an old piece of pantyhose or any kind of nylon netting, and hold it with a rubber band. Put 1 or 2 Tablespoons of seed in the jar and add an inch or two or water. Let sit for at least 8 hours, rinse with fresh water, and drain again, spreading the seeds around the wall of the jar. Keep the jars inverted somewhat (I use a dish drain)so that the excess water can run off and the sprouts don't rot. I grow mine in the basement where there is no light.

Sprouts are ready in 4 to 7 days. By day 4 mine are ready and I let them sit out in the open for a few hours to green up. They only need a little natural light, direct sunlight will burn them. After that, I put them into a plastic container. Storage is not an issue because we eat them as fast I as I grow them. They are better than lettuce on a sandwich.


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Ok this really interests you don't buy the sprouts or plant them in a planter (et al)? You put seeds in a jar?

How much water to put in the jar? Just spritz it?

What a wonderful topping for salads or sandwiches.
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Take a jar, put some seeds in it, cover with water to kick start for 8 hours or so, then drain. And leave them by their own little selves. Rinse well twice a day. Just cover the jar or bowl or whatever you are used, with cling stuff with a few holes poked through it. Dats dat.

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