Graduation :)
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Well it's official! I had my graduation ceremony this last Friday. Just wanted to share some photos

This pic is of (from left to right) Carey, Myself, Eddie and Lynndy. We were the 4 musketeers

My daughter, myself and hubby Derek

And here I am giving my commencement speech -

72 students graduated this day. The ropes around our necks are - Black GPA of 3.5 or higher (11 students had). Red was for perfect attendance (3 students had), and they awarded me the gold rope for having a gpa of over 4.0. However the rope didn't come in time so they're going to mail it to me

It was a fantastic day More so because my family was there, including my mom and dad and my sister.

I also wanted to thank so many of you for helping me thru everything. Never a day went by that I did not know that if ever I needed help or advice or an idea, each of you gladly picked up the torch and ran with it.

I've sent out PM's so many of you and each time they were answered.

This is truly the best of all the 'foodie' boards I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.
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Congratulations! I'm relatively new here. What school did you go to, and how long was the course?
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Yipee!! congratluations again, kiddo! We are all so proud of you and what a beautiful family you have!

Now, on with your business plan, eh? Keep us posted on your progress.
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Congratulations Denise! Thanks for sharing your photos!
Can't wait to hear what happens's all so exciting!


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Congratulations!!! You certainly do have a lovely family.

I can't wait to read what your plans are for the future.

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Good on ya girl!!! I just knew that you would be a star!!! Please let us know what your plans are---I don't know about anybody else but I'm nosey!!!!

Whatever it is, you're a winner!!! Congrats and well deserved!!
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Excellent Denise!!! On to even more success!
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Congratulations! What a way to go after your dreams! All The Way! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.
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I'm so happy for you--you have a great future!!
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Thanks for the pics, you know, you even look famous. And huge congratulations for a huge achievement.

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