BIG Test for my new smoker
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Today is a first day of Passover and I have decided to give my new smoker a test...WHole turkey..

I have smoked chicken breasts and pork loin in it and honestly i have never ever had more moist chicken breast in my life. The juices were just pouring from it.

I am a bit nervous about the turkey since it is a MAIN course for the dinner for 20 but hey...they asked to be guinea pigs. HAH AHA
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Tomorrow is Passover but your delicacies sound scrumptious!!! I have to purchase a smoker one of these days---many ideas have been passed along regarding the smoking "thang"--

Have a happy day!!!! Happy, Sweet Pesach--to all who celebrate!!!
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I love my smoker and if yours is anything like mine, let the charcoal briquets and smoke settle a bit before you put the turkey in...I had one come out black and although it tasted great, it was ugly. When I first began to smoke foods, I thought I had to get the meat in post haste but darn it cooks for so many hours that it's not a race to get it on the grill. Smoke = slow and steady.

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