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Hi all. You would think that being from the North West that I would cook fish frequently. But I tend to be a bit hesitant with fish. I like fish - but only really fresh fish. Usually Halibut and fresh wild salmon. But I did buy some flash frozen Mahi Mahi at Costco the other day. I pan fried it in a little butter, dill and lemon. The kids really liked it - well at least two of them did. And for mine I deglazed the pan with wine, added a little more lemon and melted in a table spoon of butter to finish it off. It was delicious.

Anyway - to finally get around to the question... can I substitute Mahi Mahi for fish in recipes calling for cod or firm white fish? I would usually use halibut, but that can be a bit cost prohibitive. It seems to be a bit heavier texture and maybe oil?
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Mahi mahi, tuna, and swordfish all have similar textures and can be interchanged. I'm not sure about cod, though.

Lucky you-- I only get fresh fish when we go to the beach! And for that reason, we stay in a house with a great kitchen so I can cook very fresh fish for practically every dinner.

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I agree with vicci, yes, you're good to go with subbing.

It's funny, the way fishermen can flash freeze fish now, I trust it more for freshness now days, than buying fresh - depending on the vendor, of course.
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