Outrageous BURGERS!!!
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Nice cover----heart attack waiting to happen BUT can't wait to have the issue in hand!!! Anybody have it yet??? WHAAAA!!!!!

Also ---the outdooor grilling recipe book, in less than 30 minutes!!! Wondering what ya'll think??? I am not an outdoor griller but love to work with my indoor "stuff"!!

Anybody interested???

Backyard Retreat??? Don't know about that one---need a few reviews to convince me---
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  Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by Roxanne 21 (Nice cover----heart ...)
haven't seen it yet - I don't go to the 'front' very often.

There's a grilling book now too? I suppose we'll all have to have it....
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  Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by Roxanne 21 (Nice cover----heart ...)
Saw the cover the other day. Looks good! Don't have it yet. Haven't heard about the grilling one. Will probably have to get that one. We grill a couple times a week - at least - all year long!
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  Re: Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by esgunn (Saw the cover the ot...)
If I were Jean, and going to many places, I would trawl the 2nd hand bookshops everywhere. I have a fixation for books, not just cookbooks, and have thousands. I buy them faster than I can read them, so there is always something new to go on too.
  Re: Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by vannin (If I were Jean, and ...)
Dale, I like to do that too! Although, I don't have anywhere near as many books as you do. What drives me crazy is when I find books that I bought a while back and wonder what possessed me.


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  Re: Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by Mare749 (Dale, I like to do t...)
Know what you mean Maryann, and inadvertantly ending up with two of the same one.

For some reason, strange too some, NZers quite often put beetroot in their hamburgers. I mean as a contructed hamburger, with lettuce, onion, cheese and all that, not just the meat.
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It always gives me the giggles that McD's refers to the 1/4 pounder burger. It sounds heavy, but is only a very modest 120gms.
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That's so true, it's really only 4 ounces! Now, if only these other restaurants would quit serving "big" food like half-pound burgers and 16 ounce steaks, maybe Americans could re-learn portion control. It breaks my heart when I see the size of the soft drink cups and even coffee cups in our restaurants and take-outs.


"Drink your tea slowly and reverently..."
  Re: Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by Mare749 (That's so true, it's...)
Thats true too Maryann, It is alarming to see a plate with 15 kgs of french fries coming towards you. But I don't think it is just the US. It seems all over the western world. Malnutrition of the worst kind. I remember my sister going to the States with family in tow, and ordering pizza and salad. They were expecting a side plate sized pizza, and a little salad to pick their way through. Instead they were presented with pizza the size of a wagon wheel each, and a dish of salad that would have challenged a moose. Everything was fresh and lovely, but they didn't have dinner that night, not even the kids, and there was still food left over. Cripes mate, (as the local cow cocky would say) that meal would have saved Africa.
  Re: Re: Outrageous BURGERS!!! by vannin (Thats true too Marya...)
When we go out to eat, I usually ask for a doggie bag so I can cut my food in 1/2 right there, before it gets all ugly. It's nice to have for lunch or dinner the next day.

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