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Hope no one minds I started a new thread just for the reviews. Here's mine:

Well, for most of us this began the search for Tef flour. My search took us to Ottawa. There we searched high and low, and tho' there was an African restaurant, Horn of Africa, there wasn't any Tef flour, even at that African market! Finally someone directed us to a large Mid East grocery, and there at the butcher counter, we met an Ethiopian woman who told us her recipe for subbing Tef flour when you cannot find it(recipe available upon request). She also showed me where to get Ingeera, ready made, in a plastic bag at the baked goods counter....... Sooo, that's what we did.
The next step was to get the lamb for the stew. We got some lamb leg chunks as there was no lamb stew at Price Chopper that day, pricey but ever so good. And that concludes the "adventure" part of the meal. lol
The ready made Ingeera was quite good. Not sure how your home made came out, but this was somewhat spongy, sort of like a pancake. It had a bit of a tangy taste. I toasted it on top of the woodstove very lightly and I thought that improved the texture. Since we had lamb leg chunks, I
decided not to stew but to only sear the outside of them and leave the inside med. rare. They were heavenly tender like that. Because I thought it need more veggie, I marinated some eggplant chunks in green hot sauce and added them with onions at the beginning. We loved the
spice blend in this recipe. We added the seared meat at the end to heat through. Served with Jab, yum.
This was a fun experiment and we thought it tasted great. The big floppy Ingeera breads were so cool to eat off of. Over all this has awakened curiosity about African foods and traditions. And we all know that curiosity and cooking go hand in hand.
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This was too finicky a recipe for me to attempt by (for) my lonesome---I have it on my "to do" list upon DH's return--at least I don't have to be too creative with recipes for a while. Y'all have filled my notebook with some goodies!!

Now, Cis, I would love to have the sub for Tef ---PRETTY PLEASE??? I'm on the continent but that doesn't mean squat!!
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My turn! This was so much fun and the research has taken me in all different directions!

Siga Wot - Spiced Beef Stew
This is the second time I've made this dish - I used the original recipe I found on my M.C. We love it!

Iab (finally found out this is the correct word) cottage cheese & yogurt topping - another winner and I'm topping just about everything with this.

Injeera - seems we all used different recipes for this, I can't remember now where I copied this one from, but it has
tef flour
all purpose flour
brwon sugar
baking powder
baking soda-didn't catch this till (shoot was it Tammy?? ) pointed this omission out to us. The first time I made this (with the Siga Wot) no b. soda, but this time after Tammy set us straight, I added about 3/4 tsp. to the fermenting (oh another recipe said to let the batter sit/ferment for a few hours). I lked it either way.

Queen of Sheba Salad - loved this and the dressing is great!

Tej - didn't make this - like Sharon, we had a great reisling with our dinner.

Maandazi - oh my, these little buggers are addictive!! Great dessert and great with coffee the next morning.


Next Ethiopian exercise will probably be Doro Wat - a Chicken Stew ( I have two recipes for this....), and I didn't make the berbere this time, so anxious to do this.
There is also a Mombasa Meat "Kalio" curry....geez, so many ideas here! oh, and one a lot of people loved - chicken in coconut sauce.....

Sharon and Tammy's turns....

P.S. Roxanne, you can substitute whole wheat flour for the Tef.
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The Ethiopian lady said and I quote: "One fistful Barley flour, two fistful self rising flour and a bit of corn flour" That is how she made her Ingeera, she didn't say add water and mix but I'm sure that's what she meant.
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Thanks for the reply---I have all of the above and will choose when the time comes. Whole wheat flour sounds soo much easier-- but I love complicated!!!
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This meal was so much fun! We did the original meal a week early (and I've been dying to review it) because of other plans we had in place.

We also turned this into an adventure. Bob found the Teff flour at Whole Foods. It's packaged by Bob's Red Mill and is available on their website. The real adventure was finding an African/Caribbean grocery store. The owner gave us a tour of many of the items they had for sale - handy because we were looking for some for a Caribbean meal we're planning. She was amazed that we were doing this dinner.

I have to say that Bob and I stood at the stove eating the Injeera as fast as we could cook them. The Iab was handy and we happily pigged out. Darn they were good!

We didn't have lamb - but I had some beef stew meat on hand and we used that for the Siga Wot. I only made a half a recipe - silly me - because there were only two of us - there wasn't a speck left over.

The Queen of Sheba salad was fantastic. Bob suggested that I dice everything next time and just serve it as a cold soup! Loved the dressing!

We skipped the Honey wine - actually we have had it before - actually had a bottle of it once upon a time.

Now the fun really began this Saturday. I had promised to bring appys to a fishing derby dinner for some friends. Bob and I were contemplating the menu for a few days and then hit on a perfect idea.

Because of time constraints I got a huge bag of frozen meatballs at Costco and tripled the Siga Wot recipe and used the meatballs instead of stew meat. I doubled the Iab recipe, made a huge batch of hummus, and a tapenade. Those were served with pita chips. I also made a smoked salmon mousse which Bob put in cucumber "cups". I thought for sure that those would be the first thing to go so we had 8 cucumbers worth - and we still have left overs.

The meatballs and iab were huge hits! Next time I'll use beef and lamb and make my own meatballs. What an easy and unusual feast before the feast! Everyone was tickled pink. I know that we're going to explore this cuisine! It was so much fun - and tasted so good. There were, maybe, a dozen meatballs left - they will be served with coconut rice tonight.
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I am so envious! I don't have adventurous eaters here, so quite a lot of the recipes go unmade. Hell, Even the mashed parsnips and Yukon Gold potatoes weren't real popular. I made a similar dish last night using mostly potatoes (5 pounds Yukons & 5 large parsnips) last night. They were all gone, but kind of sneered at. Just breaks my heart to hear all these recipes I know won't get made here.

Cooking for the truck farmers is more fun, they at least will try anything I cook.
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My turn… I made the beef stew, injeera, iab, and Queen of Sheba salad. I didn’t get to the liquor store for the wine which stinks because I really did want to try that. I didn’t make the doughnuts either mostly because of the diet I’m on.

We all loved the beef stew, but maybe browning the meat would have made it even better. My chow was not thick like toothpaste, and I have no idea what I did wrong. It was tasty anyway and didn’t seem to affect the dish though. Oh, and we had no leftover stew at all…well, no meat anyway.

I made the iab and Queen of Sheba salad first and was thinking that I wouldn’t like either one, but then my brave little guinea pig, my 14-year-old, came out and taste tested. He loved them both, but freaked out over the salad. He snacked a little too much on the iab so that he was sick of it by dinner time. My husband and my other son (the 16-year-old) didn’t like the iab at all. I liked it ok, but had to eat it mixed with the stew and salad. Oh, and I used cilantro as my salad herb…I do so love cilantro!

All but my oldest loved the Queen of Sheba salad. He thought it was too sweet…I think he’s crazy. It was delicious and probably my favorite part of the meal. Jean, thank you for your pic! Mine looked just like yours…I was wondering if I did it right.

Most of us liked the injeera (all but my picky husband!). I made it with the Teff that I got from Whole Foods. I used ½ tsp of baking soda and I think it turned out fine. It came out like a thin grayish pancake. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the injeera right either. (I know, my insecurity is showing! ) The instructions didn’t say to flip it, but I did…not sure if I was supposed to. I had a hard time keeping my “guinea pig” out of them…actually I had a hard time keeping him out of all the dishes!
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Tammy, I've made the chow twice now and I still don't get toothpaste!!! Mine is real liquidy - but it's just for the flavor, so I'm not going to worry about it. I think there may have been a typo somewhere...

What fun this was - I now have a folder on Ethiopian foods to play with. Whoever comes up with winners, sure hope they get posted.

Sharon, the appy with the meatballs really sounds good!!
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Tammy, I've made the chow twice now and I still don't get toothpaste!!! Mine is real liquidy

That's good to know! I kept re-reading it to see where I messed up. I sure couldn't find it!

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