Lots of lemons?? Make limoncello!
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For those of you lucky souls with an "excess" of lemons, I highly recommend this limoncello recipe (lemon-flavored liquor). I don't have an excess of lemons and they tend to be a bit expensive around here, but I should start a batch of this soon! I've made it several times and it is excellent. My comments are in the parentheses.


Limoncello, if you like anything Italian, lemons, vodka or all of
them... My friends in Italy used to talk about this and I just found a recipe
so I could make it myself. It's basically a liquor served, well chilled, in the
summer months. (You can easily halve this recipe!)

15 lemons, well scrubbed
two 750ml, 100 proof vodka
4 cups sugar
5 cups water

You will need two rather large glass jars or simply split the recipe as
I did. Carefully zest the lemons so there is no white pith on the peel.[I used a vegetable peeler and it worked quite well.] Place
one bottle of vodka in a jar and add the peel as it is zested. .[Since I halved the recipe, I just put the vodka and peel back into its original bottle.]Let sit for at
least ten days and up to 40 days in a cool dark place. The longer rest is

Combine the sugar and water and bring to a boil and cook for about 5
minutes until thickened and allow to cool. [Because of comments from my book club ladies, I used a smaller amount of sugar and water to decrease the sweetness a bit.] Add to the Limoncello mixture along
with the other bottle of vodka and allow to rest for another 10 to 40 days.
Strain and bottle, keeping one in the freezer for use.

Now, after 10 days of just peel and vodka, we decided to taste it and
ladled some over ice. It was simply amazing. The taste is rich and refreshing
and that batch never made it to stage two! If you are looking for a "better
than any commercial lemon vodka" I highly recommend this but don't use the 100
proof, it will get you! This is now a freezer staple in our house.

It's wonderful as a palate cleanser or after dinner. If you go the
whole nine yards you don't have to add all the syrup if you prefer something
less sweet. whatever you choose, it is certainly worth the effort. You can use
the lemon juice for cooking or sorbets.


Variations: Use limes, blood oranges, mandarin oranges, etc.


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Yumm, this sounds so right up our alley, jenni. When we were in Mexico we found a Lime Vodka and we about OD'd on it. Do you suppose limes could be substituted and we could make this favorite of ours as well??
Oh duh, I see you already said it was a variation. Sorry about that. Obviously I inhaled
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hahahahahaha Cis....
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Obviously I inhaled

Gee, I'm confused, Cis, ... haha

I can personally attest to Jenni's limoncello-- I have made it and it is spectacular (especially mixed with sparkling wine), but I've found a few recipes floating around that call for that as an ingredient.

Hi Jenni! I saw the title of your post and thought of you, even before I saw the name. Really nice to see you here!
Jenni = limoncello???

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Thank you Jenni, printed!
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Thanks Jenni, now this sounds really good! I'll be making this soon.


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Limoncello - another one I've been wanting to play with - I have a recipe from Billy for it, time to compare and see how close they both are.

Thanks Jenni -
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Jenni's recipe seems to be about the same as the one I used. I keep Limoncello around all the time. I use it mostly for sorbet, especially the Lemon-Rosemary Sorbet!
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