Brown Hamburger II
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After getting the bad ground beef from the local market, I:
1). Ordered $55 worth of meat from Omaha Steaks.
2). Checked out the other market in town. They didn't used to have meat that was as good as the first market, but now it looked better - bought $60.
3). Drove to southern MN to put flowers on my Dad's grave. Nobody wants to sell oxtail up here so I took my mother to the little meat market where she used to buy it. They have over 200 championship plaques on the wall for their meat. All the meat looked so good that I bought $110 worth - would have bought more if I'd had more cooler space. Everything I've had so far has been excellent to the point that I'm going to investigate the possibility of buying sides or loins from them. I'm looking forward to having the buffalo early next week.

The market that slipped me the bad hamburger has a reduced price section for meat that has gotten too old - that's where they should have put it - would have cost them $10. The bad decision that they made has cost them $225 - so far. I know someone is going to ask why I didn't return it. I live 15 miles from the store, and I'd lose money making a 30 mile round trip to take it back - plus I'm MAD.
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Tough learning the hard way---huh??? WHOA!!! Wish I had your meat availability----my DH would think he died and went to heaven!!!
"Never eat more than you can lift" Miss Piggy

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