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I'd like to "publish" my recipe collection for my children, just for fun and for a keepsake for them. I looked at the summary info about MasterCook software and wondered how flexible it is with printing layouts for recipes entered by the user. I've tried wordprocessing programs and it was just too hard to format and I gave up.

Also, I will confess that this is my first on-line forum. Looking forward to being part of this one!
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Mastercook will let you change to a variety of templates and layouts. And, if you don't like the ones they have you can edit the templates to have them print out exactly as you want it

Welcome to boards too!
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WELCOME to the forum, HomeCulinarian----hope you will visit often!!

We have a couple of Mastercook gurus around here---more help is on the way!!!
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Thanx for the information. I will order the software and try it out.
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I self-published a cookbook a few years ago - Share A Recipe - for Chef scholarships ('s still for sale... ) and it was an easy, fun project. Well, not that easy, but I did overcome the problems I ran into.

Welcome to the forums - and keep us posted on your progress. I'm in the middle of my second book, but haven't decided on the format yet. Still rounding up and testing.
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My intention isn't to sell it. Just put together family favorite recipes for the kids to have so when I'm gone from this earth some day they won't wonder how Mom made the gravy on Thanksgiving... that one is from C@H issue # 18.
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I did this very thing for my daughters the year they both graduated from college, using the mastercook program. I included recipes for all their favorite meals, as well as some from grandparents, aunts and uncles. Your children will really appreciate our efforts.


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