Gone fishin'
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I made the Top Notch Salmon Cakes tonight - excellent. After 7 long months of waiting, tomorrow is the fishing opener. For the next 5 months I try to be on the water as much as possible and cook only no-brainer, tnt food. I hope that someone will defend the honor of the flour tortilla in my absence. I will check in periodically to ensure that the Pooh-Bahs aren't getting out of line.
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Have a great time, Ron, and please keep us posted on your fishing adventures and what you are doing with all those fish you catch.


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Have a wonderful time, Ron. Mr HB leaves for 3 weeks over Father's Day to fish with his best friend and his sons. The kids only stay a week but Mr HB and his friend (who has the house on the lake) go back and forth between golf and fishing. They have a ball, needless to say.

Lol, I'm the dog sitter!

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Have a wonderful time, Ron. I'm assuming this means you won't be with us as much, and I for one, will miss you! Hope you can pop in every now and then and give us the comic relief we all need!


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Oh Ron have a fantastic time!! You'll be missed. My mouth waters thinking about all that fresh fish

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a summer of fishing...I think that was one of the things listed in our 'retirement booklet' - be glad when we get to that chapter!!

have a great, successful time, Ron! C'mon poobah-buddy, let's break loose, the kid's gone!
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Misquitos, sunburns, hot and sweatie...have fun Ron.
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