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I need some advice on which oven to buy for my new baking business. Commercial convection gas or electric or just use double ovens?
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I don't know about commercial, but have been advised to get a gas cooktop and an electric oven. Apparently the electric ovens hold the temperature steadier than gas. Hope that helps.

And Welcome flourpower, good to have you with us.
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Welcome flourpower!!! What are you comfortable baking with? If you are considering a business you should have a feel for what you need---or is that being presumptuous?

Bakers will be along shortly, I bet!!
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Welcome, flourpower!

I'm in the Billy camp, gas for cooking and electric for baking. Never had the same results using the gas ovens at work as I did the electric.

Just my 2 cents for whatever it's worth! Enjoy the board.

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my 2 cents are in the same camp - gas for cooking, electric/convection for baking.

Unless, as Roxanne mentioned, this is for commercial use.
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