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Have any of you made this lately? I just noticed the humidity was really low and it would have been an ideal day to do it. I am really looking forward to trying to make it. I had it at Dale's friend's house while I was in NZ and it was an absolute delight.

I discovered today that my Santa Rosa plum tree is loaded again this year. Not as many as two years ago, but we'll have plenty. My Nectarine tree I planted last year has 5 fruit on it, so I am happy with it. Something was wrong with my Puget Gold apricot tree so I had it taken out. Might put in another type of plum tree. If you've ever made sorbet from the Santa Rosa plum, it comes out a bright bubble gum pink and it's kind of a tart-sweet. Good stuff.
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Haven't made it lately, waiting for cheap fresh berry season. LOL And yes, never attempt it on a humid day. If you get lots of plums, don't forget the plum cake!!
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Way too humid here.

The Meyer Lemon that I transplanted from an indoor pot to outdoors is covered with blooms. I thought we were going to lose the tree for the first couple months.

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