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As you recall, I emailed them with a qustion last Friday afternoon and they got back to me in less than an hour. I placed the order and they notified me an hour or so later that UPS had been called for pickup. Even though it was a three day weekend. and I paid for slow shipping, I received the order Thursday morning. The sheet pans and the racks are excellent commercial quality. I've already tried them and am well pleased.
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well, batting .500 ain't bad.
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Sounds great, Ron. I'll check them out. Glad you got what you were looking for also.


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I had sheet dark sheet pans for some time and was getting tired of adjusting temperatures. Even when I remembered to make the adjustment, biscuit bottoms were still getting browned more than I wanted. A few months back I ordered some sheet pans from Amazon that had a lighter shade of grey in the photo. Biscuits came out too dark again. When washing the pan, guess what I noticed? The top was light grey, but the bottom was dark grey (practically black), so I hadn't really improved my situation. Grrrrr. The new pans are a thick commercial aluminum and the biscuits are coming out like I want.

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